Driving for NCU

All individuals interested in driving North Central University vehicles must have a driving record report performed and on file with the Security Office. Record reports must be submitted once per year to maintain approved status. Follow these directions to be approved for driving:

  • Print a copy of the consent form on NCU letterhead. Each individual interested in driving must complete a consent form. Make a copy of the completed form and send to the Security Office.

  • Look up the driver's state from the hyperlink list provided and follow the directions to request your Driver's Record. The consent form should be sent with the record request if the requester is not the record holder.

  • A check request may be submitted to the Accounting Department to cover the cost of the record request. This charge should be taken from the requesting department's budget.

Once the DMV report has been received, send it, along with a completed consent form to the Security Office.

Please allow for at least two weeks for processing. The Security department will email or call the main contact person with an approved/not approved decision when all documents have been received. The approval will be good for 12 months from the date the DMV report was approved by the state.

After an approved decision has been made contact the Security Coordinator at 612-343-3401 and make arrangements to complete the Fleet Training. A completed Fleet Services certificate must be on file with the Security Office prior to driving for NCU.