Exam Proctoring

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As we all know, there are times due to illness and personal issues that students are called away from the classroom which will result in a missed quiz or exam. For this reason the Student Success Center offers an exam proctoring service to full time and adjunct faculty of North Central University. This service allows the student to take an exam early or late to be completed by the specific date the professor agrees to. Exams are proctored in the Student Success Center (Miller 227) with appropriate supervision from the Student Success Center staff. To ensure the proctoring service runs efficiently, we ask that all faculty adhere to the following process for this service.

Please note, this is a free service for all North Central University and Carlson Institute exams. Those who desire to use the proctoring service for exams offered through other institutions [e.g. Global University, District Credentialing exams, Distance Education programs etc.] will be required to pay an administration fee:
Currently enrolled NCU student: $10 per exam
Non-NCU students: $25 per exam

Student Instructions

Step One: Obtain an “Exam Proctoring Form” from the Student Success Center or SSC website. Fill out the student portion of the form completely. The Student Success Center will NOT proctor an exam without this form

Step Two: Deliver the form to the professor to be completed and delivered along with the exam to the SSC.

Step Three: Make an exam proctoring appointment with the Student Success Center either in person or by telephone (ext. 5000). Appointments must be made in advance.

Note: Students who do not show up at that assigned time will need permission from the professor to take the test at another time. This will ensure that the student did not have extra time to study and prepare which the professor did not initially agree to.


Professor Instructions

Step One: Receive the exam proctoring form from the student, and fill out the instructor section completely. Each individual student must have a separate form, and the ssc will not proctor an exam without this form. This form is simply a way of ensuring we administer the exam according to the specifications outlined by the professor. 

Step Two: Attach the completed form to the student's exam and deliver it to the Student Success Center. Upon completion, the exam will either need to be picked up by the professor or hand
delivered to the professor by the student. Completed exams are sealed in an envelope to ensure they are not tampered with.

The Student Success Center hopes this service is helpful to the faculty and students of North Central University. If you have any further questions or need clarification on this process do not hesitate to call us at x5000 or stop by the Student Success Center.