Facilities Management FAQ

How does the radiator heating system work?

Many of our buildings including Miller Hall and Carlson Hall use radiators for heating.  Every building that uses radiator heating has a boiler in the basement that creates steam and sends it to each of the different heating zones in the building in cycles.  Since the zones rotate it is important to always leave your radiator at least partially open so that you do not miss your cycle as it may be an hour or two before your room calls for more steam.  It is also important to make sure that your windows are completely shut and that you do not have your radiator completely blocked by large furniture as this will reduce your radiator's effectiveness.

How many buildings are on campus?

There are currently 24 buildings on campus totaling 549,775 square feet.

How many Maintenance Requests does Facilities Management receive in a typical day?

Over the past 3 years we have received and completed over 5000 requests, or about 5 a day on top of the projects and routine maintence we do throughout the year.

How many people work for Facilities Management?

We have 11 full time employees and anywhere from 4-20 part time/student employees depending on the season.  Visit our Staff Page to learn more about our employees.