Faculty Resources

Professors: In an effort to better serve your needs in assisting your students, we have included some links that we hope you find helpful. Please know that we are here to serve you as well as our students, and if there is anything you would like to discuss with our department do not hesitate to drop by or give us a call.

Helpful Links:

Exam Proctoring

As a way of supporting you, the Student Success Center offers an exam proctoring service during the regular academic year. Either the faculty member or the student can arrange this service, however, we do ask that proctoring protocol be followed so as to provide the best and most accurate service possible.

Note: proctoring services are available during the summer on a limited basis due to staff availability and operating hours.

Pinch Program

In a pinch? Do you have an appointment during class but don't want to cancel? The SSC would love to assist you. The Pinch Program is an opportunity for you to utilize one of the many workshops the SSC provides during the class time you are unavailable. We invite you to review our list of workshops, and if you will allow us, we would like to pinch your class to present this information. We would also like to extend an invite for you to contact us if you would like one of our team to design a presentation on a topic that is related to student success and in line with your class goals.

Note: presentations are subject to staff availibility, and a minimum 72 hour notice. We ask that professors contact the SSC as soon as possible to secure the presenter during the time you will be absent from class. Presentations may also include areas in which the staff of the SSC are qualified to present on.

Recommend a Tutor

The SSC is always in search of quality students who would be interested in providing tutoring services. Many of our tutors have joined us under the recommendation of faculty like you. Being a tutor not only benefits the students of NCU, but it also allows the tutor to acquire another area to add to their resume and life experience. Please assist us in identifying those who would provide quality service in this area. To find out more about the requirements and rewards of this program, please click here.

Faculty Resource Folder

An electronic version of the resource folder distributed to all faculty. This document contains information on procedures and services available to help students succeed. Early alerts, advising, exam proctoring, academic coaching, tutoring, career services, disability services, counseling, etc.

The Faculty Room

The Faculty Room is a space for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn about how to create classroom environments and academic activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities. This site includes strategies, legal information, rights and responsibilities, along with practical ideas to help students.

Have we missed something? If there is something missing, or something else that you would like to see included here, please email us.