Find a Part-Time Job while attending North Central

Part-time jobs can be a vital part of college. In addition to income, employment can build a resume and professional network, provide an opportunity to develop skills and professional etiquette, and possibly lead to a full-time career upon graduation. With these benefits in mind, do not simply look for the highest paying, easiest, on-campus job. Look for a balance of pay, professional opportunities, and convenience.

New Students/Incoming Freshmen:

Keep in mind that NCU is not a large campus with ample jobs in every department. Often departments hire 1-2 semesters ahead of time, so plan ahead. Contact offices as soon as possible, such as when visiting on New Student Registration Day. Inquire about current and future hiring plans, and keep these plans in mind for the upcoming semester or school year if they are not currently hiring. Some offices will not know how many jobs are available until the first week of school, and can be contacted at that time.

Thankfully, the Twin Cities is the 16th biggest market in the U.S. (between #15 Seattle and #17 San Diego), and there are ample off-campus jobs within walk, bike, bus, train, or car travel distance. The first week of school Career Services hosts a part-time Job Fair, at which our top 20 local employers meet students. However, consider contacting those employers now to be able to start work when you are ready.

Work Study:

If you qualify for Work Study jobs, more information is available from the Financial Aid office. To read the Student Success Center's guide to work study, click here.


Tips for Searching:

  • Ask around: Talk to everyone, old friends and new, about where are the best places to work on and off-campus
  • Locations to search: Downtown MPLS (Skyway, Nicollet Mall, Hennepin Ave. & 1st Ave., NE MPLS, Warehouse District, Washington Ave.); U of M neighborhoods (7 Corners & West Bank, Dinkytown & East Bank); Lightrail (Mall of America, MSP Airport, South MPLS); South MPLS (Uptown, Eat Street, Chain of Lakes); Bus/Suburbs (Rosedale Center, Shops at West End, Southdale)
  • Common College Jobs: Restaurants, retail, nanny, call centers, banking, after school programs, laborer, tutoring, etc.

Next Steps:

  • Set employment goals: Pay for school? Have spending money? Build experience and a professional network?
  • Know your skills and experience: What value can you add to the company?
  • Have contact information for employers: Do you have a resume/business card with your current phone number and email address?
  • Clean up your web presence: Have you reviewed, deleted, or deactivated unprofessional content and accounts?
  • Tend to your appearance: Do you have professional, business casual clothes for meeting employers and interviews?
  • Be ready to apply on the spot: Do you have ready your resumé/work history, references, Social Security Number, license, etc.?
  • Set up an appointment with a Career Services Professional in the SSC by calling 612-343-3515 or visiting Miller Hall 227.