First Winter Hiking Trip

Date: March 8, 2012 - 1:00pm
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Early February 19th, around 5:00am, 12 people from North Central University traveled up north to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to experience the Recreation and Wellness's first winter hiking trip. The team hiked for 3 days, 2 nights close to the MN/Canada Boarder and  enjoyed themselves. They entered the Boundary Waters Canoe Area towards the Bearskin Lake, up the Gunflint Trail.

The first day was in the low 20s and they camped on the Rose Lake, which is divided midway across by the international boundary between Canada and the USA. By evening it was 15 degrees and the group enjoyed soup, chocolate and a roaring fire while sharing stories and singing camp songs. Overnight the temperature fell to single digits while the team slept in tents.

During the hike on the second day the group saw a bald eagle fly overhead, a truly majestic bird. Only 4 out of the 12 members have winter camped prior to this trip but everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery and great experience.