Frequently Asked Questions: Chapel

Frequently Asked Questions: Chapel

Signing In

I forgot/lost my ID card and was not able to sign in for chapel today. Can I still get credit for going?
Yes. You can sign in manually in Student Life up to 3 times per semester, but you must sign in within one business day of the chapel in question.

I was just a few minutes too late to sign in. Can I still be counted?
Unfortunately not. Two extra minutes are already built into the scanner system, and we expect all students to be in chapel within this time frame.

I was late for chapel because I was meeting with a professor/staff member. Can I sign in?
No. All students should be aware of their chapel requirements and plan to take skips as needed.

I was late or left early because of a class or music lesson.
Classes and lessons are required by the university not to interfere with chapel services. You should speak with your professor or department chair about the conflict.

I need to leave chapel early for work. Does that still count as attending chapel?
It does not. You will need to arrange your schedule to accommodate the entirety of the chapel service or submit a chapel variance form to petition for additional skips.

I signed in for chapel, but then decided not to go. How do I sign out?
You can sign out in Student Life. Make sure to sign out immediately after leaving in order to avoid the appearance of slashing and dashing.

I was sick/had an emergency that caused me to miss some days of chapel. Can I get those days back?
As chapel absences are given to be used for sickness and other emergencies, we do not usually grant additional absences for this reason. An extended illness that is documented with the Student Success Center may be grounds for an exception as approved by the chapel committee. To pursue this further, please set up a meeting with Adam/Rachel.

I just noticed that I was not counted for chapel on a day that I know I signed in. What should I do?
We can check to see if your scan was recorded early or late. If it was recorded early, we can adjust your chapel record for this date. If it was recorded late, you will not be signed in on this day. Please note for the future that chapel scans are only accepted between 10:50 and 11:02. If there is no scan recorded, you will want to set up a meeting with Adam/Rachel to discuss your options.

Attendance Requirements

How many skips does a freshman/sophomore/junior/senior get?
Freshmen – 15, sophomores – 25, juniors – 30, seniors – 45 (per semester).

Are commuters required to go to chapel?
Yes. Commuters are assigned chapel skips according to their class standing, just like the rest of the student population. If they have special circumstances that would make it difficult to attend chapel as often as is required of them, they may fill out a chapel variance form at the beginning of the semester.

What are the qualifications for receiving a chapel variance?
You must be a junior or senior in order to request a chapel variance. Exceptions depend on a number of factors, including class schedule, housing status, age, family, and work schedule.

I filled out a chapel variance form. When will I find out if I was given extra skips?
You should receive a letter in your NCU box approximately 1-2 weeks from the date that the form was submitted.

I missed the opportunity to turn in a chapel variance form. Can I still do that?
After the variance period has closed, all situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You can set up an appointment with Adam Schnaare/Rachel Harmon to discuss the details of your situation.

I filled out a chapel variance form last semester. Does that carry over for every other semester?
No. As additional absences granted may depend on factors that change from semester to semester, the variance form must be filled out at the beginning of each semester.

If I’m only taking a few credits, am I still required to go to chapel?
Students taking 8.5 or fewer credits are encouraged but not required to attend chapel.

Chapel Discipline

I overskipped chapel for the semester. What will the penalties be?
The penalties differ depending on the number of overskips and your disciplinary history, and will be detailed in a letter sent to your NCU box. You may also want to review the Community Life section of the Student Guide for familiarize yourself with the chapel policy. If you are assigned a fine, it would be $25 per overskip, up to $200.

When do I need to pay the fine?
A hold has been placed on your account until the fine is paid, meaning that you will not be able to register for classes, receive a diploma, check in for the fall semester, or have transcripts sent until the hold has been cleared. Holds are lifted immediately upon receipt of payment in Student Life.

I am a former student with an outstanding chapel hold. What do I need to do to take care of this?
The fine will still need to be paid, but we can re-evaluate the amount to be consistent with the current fine structure. If you are unsatisfied with this response, contact Se Young Kipp via email at