Gender Equality Forum

Date: October 25, 2013 - 3:01pm
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     NCSG Senate partnered with Athletics to hold the Gender Equality Forum.  70 plus students were in attendance.  The forum had a panel of four members of NCU’s staff/faculty who were passionate about the topic and had various academic and personal backgrounds. The panel consisted of Hillary Leeper, Desiree Libengood, Dr. Allen Tennison, and Jake Smith.  Hillary Leeper and Dr. Allen Tennison are both professors in the IBATS Department.  Desiree Libengood is a professor for the English department who finds extreme value in gender equality. Jake Smith is the Director of Recreation and Wellness and is known for his workshops on the topic of gender equity. 

     During the evening the panel was asked their opinions, based on education and life experiences, on multiple questions regarding gender equality. Some of the questions addressed were: Do you feel there is gender disparity at NCU and/or Christianity as a whole? Where do you believe the Bible stands on the topic of gender?  A portion of the night was open to student’s direct questions.  Some of these questions included discussions about chivalry, women in ministry and equality in the workplace.  This event allowed an opportunity for more awareness about gender equality.