Wired Network General Information

Wired Network Access

Network access in residence rooms is available one port per resident in all dorm rooms and the Orfield Apartments. If you need more ports for additional computers or game consoles, you may add additional ports by purchasing a small Ethernet hub. This type of gear can be purchased at most stores that sell computer equipment.

Registering on the Wired Network

Each computer or game console that is connected to the North Central wired network is required to register on the network. Typically, the first time you plug your computer into the wired network and open up a web browser, a web page will appear that will require you to review North Central's Acceptable Use Policy, agree to it, and enter in your student username and password. Once you restart your computer, you will have network access on that computer. Occasionally, the registration webpage will not appear on it's own. In this case, please bring your computer to the Technical Support Center to have it registered manually.

Hardware Requirements & Recommendations

A personal computer 10/100Mb Ethernet card with RJ45 jack Category 5 or above Ethernet patch cable with RJ45 ends (appropriate cables can be purchased at the campus bookstore)

Network Setup

To connect to the Internet through the campus network, your computer must have a connector that looks like a slightly-too-wide modular phone jack, and the corresponding cord. Most older computers require the addition of a Network Interface Card ("NIC") to get this connector; these usually cost $10-$40. Other common names for this connector include "Ethernet", "10BaseT", or "RJ45". This is the same kind of connector that is often used with high-speed home Internet connections such as DSL or cable modems. This connector must be properly installed in the computer.