General Information about Career Services for Faculty and Staff

Career Services is located in the Student Success Center, and seeks to support Faculty and Staff in their efforts to prepare NCU students to enter a career.

Services for Faculty and Staff:

  • Presentations - In-class or at events on Career Development topics; to schedule, email
  • Resources for Students - Refer students to Career Services for services that supplement your current career development services.
  • Employer Relations Assistance - Refer or transfer employers to Career Services (x3515) or CareerWire (
  • Advising Assistance - For students switching majors or unsure of direction, referrals can be made (x3515).
  • Additional Collaboration: For information about Consultation, Strategic Partnerships, and Personal Career Development, contact Career Services (x3515)


CareerWire is NCU's job posting database. As a standard job website, it allows for searching for jobs, posting résumés, and networking. Students and employers can use the site to connect, but it is not a literal placement tool. This is the first site to refer students, alumni, employers, and other faculty/staff to for posting or searching for jobs.

For more details about CareerWire, refer to this guide (in development).

*If you would like a CareerWire account, contact Career Services staff or your department administrative assistant for instructions.


NCU's Career Services Professionals enjoy supporting your efforts to equip your students for their professions. We can present in your class or at your event on career development topics such as, résumé writing, interviewing, job searches, networking, jobs related to the major, exploring careers and personal strengths, experiential learning, and career development topics of your choice.

General Guidance:

  • Employer Relations:

Mutually beneficial relationships with employers are vital for universities. However, our primary customer remains the student, and we must work to support and protect their entrance into the workplace. While inconvenient at times, requests from employers must receive professional attention; if you cannot respond personally within 24 hours, immediately forward the message, email, or caller to your administrative assistant or Career Services x3515 or

One note of caution, employers that are unfamiliar with EEOC regulations may ask for you to "just give me the names of your top 3 candidates." Ethically, we cannot provide this; instead politely inform them that if the employer provides a job description and contact information, the job can be made know to the qualified students, including the top candidates.

  • Placement (the "P word"):

While the term is well know, the practice is no longer in existence at NCU and at most institutions of higher education. Literal placement is not an official practice within our denomination. Students, alumni, and employers seeking employment opportunities are given the opportunity to connect via: CareerWire, On-Campus Interviews, and through the appropriate district office.

  • Career Development for Students:

The most difficult résumé assistance session is with a student who has zero experience. The most difficult job search assistance is with a student or alum who is not well connected in the industry.

Students need to be building their resumé from day one at NCU, from clubs, to part-time jobs, to internships, to relevant class projects. Every experience also has the chance to build relationships with peers and professionals.

Encourage students to meet with an advisor, industry insider, or Career Services Professional to discuss their career goals and the actions that they are currently taking to make this a reality. For more about NCU's Career Development Model (5 Stones) and Career Development Checklist, click on these links (in development)

Contact Information for Career Services:


Call: x3515

Visit: Miller Hall 227 (Career Services Offices are located in the Student Success Center)