General Parking Information

 Like most urban schools, North Central University has an ongoing concern with parking. Since NCU does offer parking to the students, staff and faculty, the Security department has established procedures and regulations to help provide fair and equitable parking. NCU students, faculty, and staff are responsible for understanding and complying with the parking regulations of North Central University.

Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right. The privilege may be revoked for continued or gross violations of parking regulations. The University reserves the right to ticket and/or immobilize or tow, at the owner's expense, vehicles that are parked on campus in violation of any rule as established in these parking regulations. 

  1. Students with a motor vehicle at North Central University (NCU) must have liability and property damage insurance.
  2. North Central University assumes no responsibility for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on campus.
  3. If parking is unable to be attained in the assigned lot, please notify Security before parking in another lot.
  4. Parking and driving on campus are permitted in accordance with these regulations, which are designed to maximize the use of parking space and assist in maintaining lots. Everyone operating a vehicle on campus is responsible for learning and complying with all traffic and parking regulations.
  5. Please refer to the parking regulations regarding Snow Emergency procedures.
  6. The parking violation policy is to give a warning ticket and then a $25.00 violation for each subsequent violation. If at any time a vehicle has two outstanding fines a towing notice will be given upon issuance of an additional violation. Snow emergencies, parking in a handicapped area without a proper permit, or parking in a fire lane result in an automatic $50.00 fine. Violations will be issued for the following:
  • No Permit: No current NCU permit for the lot parked in.
  • Improper Display of Permit: Information concealed; permit in wrong location, old permits not removed.
  • Improper Parking: Using more than one space, or parking in a no parking area.
  • Illegal Parking: Parking in an area assigned to someone other than yourself. Parking behind another vehicle or in a driveway and parking in a handicap spot.

*North Central Security reserves the right to tow anytime.