Guide to Purchasing Textbooks Online

Do you need to purchase textbooks but don't know how?  Here's some directions.

Textbook sales (online) on our website start one month before classes begin. Walk-in textbook purchases in the bookstore (on campus) start welcome weekend, just days before classes begin. Since used books are less expensive they do sell quickly, so let us do the work for you- submit an online book order and let us have your book order charged and ready for pickup when you come to campus!

To use our compare website and purchase books in multiple formats from multiple sellers (RECOMMENDED): open a browser window and login to UNET.  Navigate to your class schedule and click the FIND MY BOOKS link at the bottom of the page.  Click the link and another browser window will automatically open with a custom shopping list for the required books needed based on your semester schedule.  (You can also just enter your course list manually, go to and select your classes to start shopping for what you need.)  

To purchase your textbooks ONLY from the NCU Bookstore (FOR QUICK PURCHASES AND INFORMATION):  Login to the bookstore website, located at  Scroll down on the page to the area marked "Generate Your Book List."  Using your class schedule, add each of the courses you are registered for, then hit the green button labeled "Get your book list" .  If you don't know your courses, you can view and print your registration on Unet at  You will need your student login user ID and password to access this information. 

Both options will allow you to see the books required for each course, along with new/used book availability and price from the NCU Bookstore.  One by one, you will go thru the listed books and add them to your shopping cart. If the title can be rented instead of purchased, that option/price will also be listed.  Once your shopping is complete, you will create a new user account, or login to an existing one, to enter payment and complete the sale.  If you purchase all your books only from NCU, the NCU student ID number can be entered for payment with the student's university monthly billing account.

If you use the book compare site to shop for textbooks, there are a couple of advantages.  As you shop for each title, the site displays real-time offers from both our store and additional sellers (outside of NCU) who have the same item for sale, so you can see how our prices stack up to the online marketplace, and consider all your options. The compare site also shows if eBooks are available, saving you money by allowing the content to be read online using a phone, tablet, laptop or PC- instead of buying a printed book.  You can create multiple shopping baskets to buy all of your books at one time from multiple sellers, and you specify the shipping instructions (either the NCU mail center or your home address) as well as specify payment (credit card) on each order.

A couple answers to common questions:

-If it's your first purchase on the bookstore website, you need to create a new account for ordering online, just like any eCommerce website on the internet. Yep, you're registered at NCU to take classes, and we have imported all student information and can bill your account for you, but your first purchase makes that happen.

-An order confirmation will be sent to your email address when your order is placed.  (If you don't get one, it's likely that your order wasn't actually submitted correctly!)  You'll receive a second email when the order is processed and ready to be picked up.

-Books purchased from online sellers are not picked up at the bookstore.  They are shipped to the address you specify when you complete checkout with that seller.  We suggest having the books shipped directly to the student's name /box number at North Central University, 910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404.  If you are a registered student but don't know your NCU box number, call the NCU Copy and Mail Services Departmet at 612.343.4443 so that your packages are labeled correctly.

-Books purchased from our store are pulled and boxed here at the bookstore from our inventory, and orders are processed daily in the order received. (The EARLY WORM gets used books and saves the most money, so don't delay!)  Books may be ordered online starting 4 weeks prior to the beginning of classes. 

By default, orders are held for order pickup when you arrive on campus.  This saves you shipping dollars, and means you don't have to pack books to bring to campus. If you absolutely do require your books to be shipped home, please specify this on your ORDER COMMENTS on the web order, so that we don't modify your shipping instructions and keep your order in the store.