Guide to Purchasing Textbooks Online

Do you need to purchase textbooks but don't know how?  This guide will show you how the website works and how you can save money by purchasing your books online.

First, you will need to grab your class schedule.  If you don't have it, you can view and print it on Unet at  You will need your student login user ID and password to access this information.  Next, point your browser to

Second,  use our textbook database to add books to your shopping basket:

On our front page, you will notice two drop down menus.  Use the first menu to choose the semester you are purchasing textbooks for- then hit GO!


You will then be taken to a page that displays information on each class that is being offered for the semester.  Using your class schedule, choose the department your class is listed under.



The menu to the right will become active and list each course that falls under the department you have chosen.



The last menu on the right will become active and list each section of the chosen class.


Once the correct section has been chosen, a list of required and optional materials will appear underneath the menus.  At this point, you can add titles to your shopping cart and purchase them for pickup when you come back to the campus.  If a USED book is selected, but unavailable when the order is processed, we will substitute a new book and charge you accordingly.  (Remember, book reservations are processed in the order they are received.)  Some classes specify NO TEXBOOKS REQUIRED.  TBA (to be announced) listings will be updated automatically as soon as instructors provide selections to the bookstore staff.  Preorder most of your books online now- you might have to purchase some late arriving items in the store once they are available.

Once you have everything in your basket, you will need to create a new shopping account on the Bookstore website, based on a valid email address. For shipping, you may use just your name and NCU mailbox number, or enter your actual home address if we are actually shipping your books to you at that location.  Once an account is created, you can use this account for all future purchases. 


To begin the checkout process, click "View Cart" in the top-right corner of any Bookstore page.

Your cart will display each textbook you selected to purchase.  If an incorrect quantity was entered, you can re-enter the quantity you need and click "Update Totals".  If a title was added by mistake, click "Remove" to remove it from your cart.  Once you are satisfied with your order, click "Checkout".


The shipping address you provided will appear so that you can make appropriate changes, if necessary.  You will also need to select which shipping method you prefer. Select "in-store pickup" from the drop down menu, then click "Continue to Payment Info".  (Note: we prefer to hold your reservation in the store if the order is placed within 2 weeks of the start of the semester, which will save your shipping charges, however we can/will ship books out to if you really do need to have them sent out.)

 If you intend on paying for books by billing your student account, choose "Student Account Charge" then enter your student ID number, located on your student schedule.  If you plan to pay with credit card, choose "Credit Card" from the drop down menu, and enter your credit card information. Purchases made with credit cards will be processed once the textbook order has been completed in our store- normally within 48 hours of receipt. Then click "Review Your Order".

Once you click "Place My Order", your order will be sent to the Bookstore, and you will also receive a copy of your order to the email address provided.  If you don't receive email confirmation, check your spam folder.  Orders are processed each day as they are received. For pickup, come to the bookstore and stop at the bookstore info desk (located in the lower level) to sign for your purchase.