Hall Chapel

Date: October 22, 2012 - 6:08pm
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On Monday October 8th each hall got to conduct their own chapel service. In Miller Hall, five female student leaders led worship.  Resident Director Kristi Hedstrom gave a message about the paralytic man whose friends lowered him through the roof to be healed by Jesus. She went on to explain that everyone has a “mat” – something that represents weakness or issues in their lives, and how it is important to have friends who are willing to carry that mat to Jesus.  Leaders then distributed cloth “mats” that girls wrote who they wanted their “mat-bearers” to be in their lives.  Then each RA led their floors in a time of prayer to conclude the service.  They had amazing turnout – about 155 women out of 190 came to chapel.

In Carlson, the DARE week was introduced. Resident Director Chris Woelfle gave a message about holding firm to your confession of faith. Then the men took communion grouped together with their RA. This was the kick-off to a full week of events, with each day focused on one of the four pillars of Carlson Hall: honor, devotion, service, and community.

Phillipps Hall focused on the theme of well-being and working on the stewardship of self. Phillipps residents packed into Clay Commons and were led in worship by Sofia Almaraz. To introduce the topic, Kristin Mindeman created a whimsical video with all of the RAs. After that Brittany Mather, Kristin Mindeman, and Luke Sutter all shared on aspects of well-being and how to put it into practice.

MOE met in the basement of CYL and offered Starbucks coffee and cookies for all. Each of the RAs and Jeremy Williamson shared a little bit about what it means to serve God wherever they are in life. Overall, the Hall Chapels were highly attended and left life-changing moments in students' lives.