The Hearing

The Senior Recital Hearing is an appointment made between the student performer and their recital committee. At this time, the student will be prepared to perform all recital repertoire for the faculty. This "recital ready" performance will demonstrate:

  • Completed music memorization
  • Mastery of technical challenges
  • Satisfactory artistic interpretation of each selection on the recital program

Logistics Regarding the Hearing Procedure

  • The Senior Recital Hearing is scheduled one month prior to the Senior Recital date. The date of this Hearing will be scheduled by the administrative assistant and communicated to students doing their recital at the fall planning meeting. It will also be on the Department Calendar.
  • All persons participating in the recital must be present at the hearing. The musical participation of all participants will be judged as part of the total recital package.
  • The student must provide each of the committee members with a typed program with program notes, translations (for vocal majors) and the order of the program with the exact performance time for each piece. An Approval Form must also be provided for each committee member.
  • The committe of three music faculty may randomly choose selections from the recital repertoire or may ask to hear the recital from start to finish.
  • This Hearing will determine whether the recital will take place on the scheduled date.
  • All music must be "recital ready".
  • Student's should dress appropriately for the hearing. No jeans.
  • Student's will receive notice in their mail box on the pass, pass with contingencies or fail of the hearing. Any additional requirements to be met along with the make-up Hearing date will be given on the notice should one receive a pass with contingencies at the initial hearing.

A Failed Hearing

A student may fail a "hearing" for the following reasons:

  • Music is not memorized and/or not technically ready for performance.
  • Accompanying musicians are absent and/or inadequately prepared.
  • The ensemble does not reflect adequate musicianship.
  • Program materials are not completed as required.
  • Performance does not meet the musical standards of the Department.

A Failed Hearing May Result in

  • Rescheduling the recital and hearing to the next semester or academic year.
  • Immediately rescheduling a hearing date with intenet to perform the recital on established date.
  • $75 penalty for a hearing which must be rescheduled.

After the Hearing

  • The sequense of the music being performed will be approved at the conclusion of the hearing. Any changes to the program will be given to the applied lesson instructor for the student to correct.
  • Once the changes are made and the program is finalized by the teacher and student it should be emailed to the administrative assistant two weeks prior to the recital date.
  • The Fine Arts Department will provide up to 200 programs. Any additional programs are the financial responsibility of the students and should be arranged in advance. If a student wishes to use paper other than what is provided by the department it must be purchased by the student and given to the administrative assistant along with the program, two weeks prior to the recital.
  • Students are allowed 4 hours of rehearsal time in the space that their hearing will be performed. It is the student's responsibility to reserve the space through Web Event and contact the Sound Tech of the dates of times of the rehearsals. Any questions about the reservation of the space should be directed to Jordan Walker in Student Life at 4436.