Housing FAQ's

How much is housing?

Housing costs vary depending on the type of hall and the size of rooms. Prices can be viewed by following this link.

What are the meal plan options at NCU?

Students have the options to select a 7, 10, 14, or 18 meals per week plan. Prices can be viewed by following this link.

What are the minimum Apartment Requirements?

In order to live in on-campus apartments, students must meet one of the following criteria:

19 years old with 80 completed credits by the start of the semester

20 years old with 60 completed credits by the start of the semester

21 years old or older


How is housing determined?

Housing priority goes to current NCU students, based on previous housing placement (squatter's rights), age, and class standing. For the apartments, the combined qualifications of all students applying together are used to rank applications. 

For new students, these same criteria are used for students who submit their applications by the priority deadline. After that date, it is on a first-come first-serve basis, as spaces are still available.

If you have a specific roommate preference, all students must request each other in order to maximize the likelihood that the match will occur. 

How do I change my application once it is submitted?

Any changes to previously submitted applications can be emailed to housing@northcentral.edu

I'm not coming to NCU, how do I get my damage deposit back?

For new students, damage deposits are not refunded after May 1st for the fall and January 5th for the spring

For current students, damage deposits are refunded according to the schedule below:

100% refund through July 31 for Fall and December 20 for spring

50% refund through August 15 for Fall and January 5 for spring

0% refund after August 15 for fall and January 5 for spring

I'm not living on campus next year, what happens to my damage deposit?

Students who move off campus, either to commute or because they are no longer attending NCU, the damage deposit is processed through the Residence Life and Student Accounts Offices. Any damages caused by the student or fines incurred related to housing are deducted from the deposit. It is then transferred to the student's account to cover any remaining balance. The remaining balance is refunded to the student, plus the legally required amount of interest within 21 days of the end of the term. 

When do I have to be out of my room?

The residence halls close for the Fall at noon of the Thursday of Finals Week. In the spring, they close at 10am on the Friday of Finals week. In the spring, graduating students have until later in the day on Friday to check-out.

When can I move into my room for the fall?

Current students are allowed to move into their rooms the Monday before classes start. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Residence Life Department by emailing housing@northcentral.edu. Students required to return early for Athletics or Student Leadership will be notified of their approved early move-in date. New students are allowed to move in on the 1st day of Orientation. Move-in times are based on last name, as communicated at that time. 

When does my apartment lease go through?

All leased end on July 31st. Students who graduate in December or May have the opportunity to opt out of the remainder of the lease upon graduation. The process to do so is communicated in the lease document.