How to Order

Easy Shopping for merchandise

The NCU Bookstore website is the most convenient, simple way to order university apparel and souvenir items online. To begin, direct your browser to  To order, click "Merchandise" and browse our catalog sections for items that may be of interest to you. If a requested item is out of stock, we’ll do our best to notify you as soon as we see that an order might not be able to be processed on-time.

Simply note the item, color, size, price, number of the merchandise item(s) you're interested in, and add them to the shopping cart.  Fill in your shipping and payment information,  click "send", and that's it.


Buying Textbooks Online

Rather than waiting until classes begin, we encourage all students to submit an online book order to the NCU Bookstore.  We'll do the work, have your purchased textbooks pulled in a box and ready for you to pickup at the bookstore when you arrive on campus- all you have to do is sign for them.

Our online comparison book seller shows the textbooks required for each class found on your course schedule.  On your student schedule page, (on UNET) click the "FIND MY BOOKS" link at the bottom of the page, and your electronic schedule will auto-generate a custom shopping list on the bookstore website in a new browser window.  You can also manually enter your class schedule to see the books required for each course.

The comparison site is connected to our in-store inventory mananger, allowing you to see price and availability from the NCU bookstore in real time.  It allows you to buy both NEW and USED textbooks, coordinates textbook rentals (if offered) as well as shows if eBook downloads are available.  At the same time, it lists offers for textbooks from other sellers in the global marketplace, allowing you to purchase from multiple sellers at one time, if you don't want to buy everything from NCU.

Online textbook sales occur one month before each semester begins.  During non-textbook sales period, we don't have books in stock to sell , so the comparison site is "turned off" and will redirect you back to the campus store.   

Used books sell quickly, so consider submitting an order online rather than waiting to purchase your textbooks in the store just as classes are beginning.



Our Return/Refund Policy (in-store and online):

  • Textbooks may be returned within 5 business days, with accompanying sales receipt.
  • All items must be in mint condition (no wear and tear), and used books must be in resaleable condition.
  • Shrinkwrapped packages must be returned with original wrapping intact. If the book is labeled with a publisher sticker that says "not returnable if opened" we won't be able to allow the refund, either.
  • Instructor course manuals and software packages are non-returnable.
  • All purchases must be returned within two weeks of purchase.
  • To ask for an extended return allowance, see a manager. We're here to help!