How to Post a Job on NCU's CareerWire

CareerWire is North Central University's job posting database website. All NCU students and alumni are allowed to register and view job postings.

CareerWire is not the appropriate place to post internships and volunteer opportunities, as each academic department oversees experiential learning. Contact the appropriate academic department directly for posting options.

Steps for Posting a Job:

  1. Click or enter into a web browser:
  2. Click on the "Employer Login" button on the right hand side of the page
  3. For first time users, click on the grey "Register And Post Local Job" button and enter registration and job posting information
  4. Click on the blue "jobs" tab
  5. Click on the grey "Add New" button
  6. Enter required fields and Click on the grey "Submit" button

To Edit or Extend an Existing Posting:

NCU does not allow editing a posting without re-approval by the database manager. To edit or extend a current or expired posting:

  1. Follow the same steps for posting a new job, click on the grey "Add New" button
  2. In the first section of the 'new' posting, "Copy Existing," click on the drop down box and select the job description to be copied or edited
  3. Once the existing job description is selected, click on the grey "Show Archived" button
  4. The original job description text will populate the fields and can be edited
  5. Re-submit the job for approval by clicking on the grey "Submit" button

Approval of Submitted Job Postings:

North Central University reserves the right to decline postings that do not meet our values and or support our mission. We may decline excessive or duplicate postings from a single employer.


CareerWire is simply a posting service. North Central University cannot guarantee that a posted position will receive applications from qualified individuals. In addition, we do not screen prospective applicants nor do we guarantee that all applicants are affiliated with North Central University.