How to Reserve a Room/Practice Spaces

Policies and Procedures:

In order to secure resources and equipment for Practice Room users the following procedures and policies regarding room and equipment use will be required by anyone using these rooms.



Group Reservation Procedures


In order to reserve a room for your group, a designated group leader will have to register with the College of Fine Arts.  This person MUST be taking a lesson in the College of Fine Arts with the exception of Render teams.  You can email to register.  Once registered, the group leader can reserve a designated  space for up to 2 hours at a time.  Recurring reservations for groups will no longer be approved.

  • ALL Rhythm rooms must be reserved through AsureSpace.  If the room is not reserved you will not be allowed access.

  • The group leader makes the room reservation.  Include the leader name in the Event Title.  Reservations made after 5pm will be approved the next day.  All reservations are approved by the College of Fine Arts with the exception of Centennial Hall.

  • At the time of the rehearsal, the group leader will bring their ID to security in exchange for a key to the room that is reserved.

  • The group leader is responsible for the state of the room when the rehearsal is over.

Group Usage Policies


  • ALL equipment in the rooms are to be played where they sit.  Moving of equipment in the rooms is prohibited.


  • ALL mics, mic stands and music stands need to be returned to their original place when finished.

  • ALL mic cables and instrument cables need to be neatly wrapped with over-and-under methods and stowed  on the appropriate cable racks.

  • Any paper and trash that your group brought into the room needs to be disposed of and the room returned to the state your group found it in.

  • When you leave CLOSE the door behind you.

  • If you notice missing or broken equipment please email Zach Miller at and

Group Policy Violations

Failure to comply with room usage policies will result in consequences for the registered leaders, whose responsibility it is to ensure they and their teams comply with room policies.  Room condition and inventory is assessed on a daily basis on weekdays and infractions are handled in the following way:

  1. First Offense: You will receive an email warning of the offense;  all leaders for the day of the infraction will be required to meet with Karla Johnson to explain the situation.  No further reservations will be allowed from these leaders until ALL leaders have reported to Karla.

  2. Second Offense: The group leader will be required to send a time-stamped photo of the rooms to the College of Fine Arts office at the end of each of your scheduled group rehearsal sessions.  Email sent to
  3. Third Offense: usage privileges for you and your group will be terminated for the remainder of the semester.Below are the practice rooms for NCU affiliated groups as well as practice space for students taking a lesson through NCU.


Piano Rooms - these rooms are always open on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are highly encouraged and have to be reserved through AsureSpace
Mensing Hall 211, 213, 215, 217, 219, 223, 225
Zimmerman House 102, 104, 105 Piano majors may inquire about access to 202 and 212 which have grand pianos for practice.

Drum Rooms - ONLY for students currently enrolled in a drum lesson or Percussion Ensemble
Mensing Hall 310, 311, 312, 313, 315.
Zimmerman House 100 and 101
Centennial Hall 725 weekday's AFTER 5pm and weekends all day

Rhythm Rooms:
Mensing Hall 117, 121, 129 and Studio B are designated for use by the following ensembles ONLY:
One Accord
Worship Live
Soulful Prayze
Jazz Workshop Ensembles
Rhythm Section Ensembles
Render Teams
Jazz Band

Zimmerman House rooms 100 and 101 are designated for use by the following groups:
Worship Live
Praise Gathering
Recital Performance Groups

Any group who is not an official part of the College of Fine Arts BUT one of the students in this groups must register with the College of Fine Arts BEFORE a reservation will be approved. See Policies and Procedures for more specific information.



You must be on campus to reserve a room.

To access AsureSpace, click on this link:

If you have trouble logging on, please contact I.T. at 4170