Jury Requirements and FAQ's

Who Takes a Jury and Why

  • All Music/Worship Arts Majors and Secondary Education Majors are required to perform a jury examination as the "Final Exam" for the applied lesson in their major instrument.
  • Literature studied that semester will be performed by the student and evaluated by the faculty. A minimum of 3 new pieces are to be memorized each semester.
  • Repertoire will be primarily classical. Jazz standards, spirituals, Broadway numbers and ensemble combo arrangements are considered appropriate. Please consult with you lesson instructor on specific pieces to be performed.
  • Vocal majors must have at least 2 foreign languages memorized.
  • If you have performed a solo for any musical production at NCU and have worked on this piece in your lesson this should be included as repertoire completed for that semester.
  • The jury determines the students future as a music major

How Juries Function

  • The Fine Arts Department will post a Jury Exam Schedule outside the main office at least 1 week prior to the jury date. The jury dates are listed on the Fine Arts Department Calendar.
  • Each student will be ready before the scheduled time and location, ready to enter and perform, having all forms completed and music ready.
  • A completed Jury Repertoire Form (available in the Fine Arts office or on line) will be handed to the faculty upon entering the room for the jury examination.
  • The student and collaborative pianist will be ready to perform any of the completed repertoire listed on the sheet.

After the Jury

  • The student will receive the evaluation from his/her applied lesson instructor at the lesson following the jury.
  • If your lessons are over for the semester you can see the administrative assistant for the evaluation forms and grade.
  • Students who do not complete a jury will have their lesson grade lowered for that semester.