Copying & Mailing Services

Sending Mail

We offer a variety of options for shipping your packages or sending your letters.

CAMS offers most United States Postal Service options. You can send something:

  1. First Class (2-3 days, not guaranteed)
  2. Priority Mail (2-3 days, not guaranteed)
  3. Express
  4. Media Mail
  5. Certified Mail with or without a Return Receipt
  6. Insured Mail with or without a Return Receipt
  7. e-Delivery Confirmation (available with most services)
  8. International (you can mail to any country the USPS delivers)
  9. UPS
  10. NCU Certifited

You can rest assured that your mail will get to its destination when you mail through the CAMS. We have all the current rates for UPS and the USPS.

Estimate your shipping costs:

Calculate USPS Postage
Calculate UPS Postage

Other Services

CAMS offers spiral and tape binding for a variety of sizes. The cost will vary depending on the amount of pages included. Come to us to make your class projects stand out!

Receive a fax for $1 per 5 pages and send faxes for $1 (local only, long distance faxes require long distance code; extra $1 for use of Mail Center long distance code). The fax number is 612.343.4778. Be sure that all incoming faxes have your first and last name as well as your box number!

You can laminate your floor's 8.5 x 11 art work for $0.50 or 11 x 17 art work for $1.

CAMS offers copying for students! The costs are $0.10* for black & white copies and $0.25* for color copies. (*A discount applies for copy jobs over 25 pages!)

You can have a document scanned to a PDF (text searchable) or TIF file for $0.03 per page.

If you have sensitive documents in need of disposal, we can shred them for you.

When you leave North Central, we ask that you please return your mail key to the Copying & Mailing Services and fill out an Address Forwarding form. This will enable us to close your box and ensure that your mail will be forwarded to your current address.