Merchandise and Textbook return policy

General Merchandise return policy

All returns must be new and resellable condition, and are subject to the normal 5 business day return policy.   Extensions to the length of return (e.g for Christmas gifts being returned upon return to NCU campus) are subject to management approval.


Textbook return policy

All materials must be in original condition.   A damaged, soiled or marked book will be evaluated and either refunded at a used price or considered not returnable.

Course manuals are being sold on behalf of your instructors, and are normally not returnable.  If you add/drop a course and return a manual in shrinkwrap, or if the item is still in spotless condition, we can usually allow it.

Books sold in shrink-wrapping that have stickers that say "not returnable if wrap is opened" or other consumable materials, such as software, audio recordings, study guides, workbooks, etc are not returnable if opened or used.


All refunds- a store receipt is required

Cash or check purchases will be refunded in cash.  Credit card purchased will be credited back to the original card of purchase.  Additional receipts are available upon request.

Personal checks accepted for textbook purchases only, only in the actual amount of purchase (no check over-writing).

The bookstore reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange, or to grant extensions to the 5-day return policy.


Thanks for your business! 

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