Music Pastor's Conducting Checklist

As part of the senior recital/senior project requirements for Music Pastor majors, you will prepare a half hour conducting recital. You will be assigned singers from a conducting lab class.

After scheduling your recital date:

  • Schedule a  meeting with your conducting teacher.
  • You may add additional singers of your choice who are willing to volunteer.
  • You are responsible for choosing music, however, the program  must be approved by the conducting teacher.  At least one piece must be a capella.  Instrumentation for your other pieces is your option.  The program must be 25 minutes minimum, but no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Rehearsals generally begin the semester of your recital, but depending on the date of your recital, rehearsals could begin the semester before.
  • All music must be approved, copied and be ready for handing out at your first rehearsal.
  • You will be required to present your conducting teacher with a written rehearsal plan before each rehearsal.
  • You must make plans to video each rehearsal.
  • You must meet with your conducting teacher at least 2 times during your rehearsal process for evaluation and help as needed.
  • Grading will be for both the rehearsal process and the performance.
  • Following the performance, all ensemble members will be given an evaluation form to be filled out anonymously for your file.