My Big, Fat, Greek, Miller Hall Party

Date: September 10, 2012 - 6:04pm
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Miller Hall has an annual themed party to kick-off the school year. This year's theme was "My Big, Fat, Greek, Miller Hall Party". The party kicked off on Sunday, September 9 from 7-9pm in the front of Miller Hall. The party was created for all Miller women, new & returning and centered around a Greek-theme. Refreshments included hummus, pita chips, grapes, olives, desserts, and grape juice. Decorations filled the front yard with a large banner, Greek "pillars", twinkle lights, and tiki torches. Attendees were encouraged to dress in line with the Greek theme including togas, sandals, etc. Miller Hall leaders provided ivy for women to fashion coronets or decorate their togas with. Every year at this party Miller Hall introduce the RAs, DLs, ARD, DA, & RD in a creative way; this year they decorated a cart to look like a chariot, and the DLs pushed their RA in on the "chariot". There was a great turnout, around 130 women came for all or part of the party. The event was successful in getting women to mingle with other Miller residents, getting to know the hall leaders, and having a boat load of fun, Greek style!