Office Phone Instructions (Employees)

User Manuals

Click to download the appropriate phone set manual:

All phones on campus may be used to call on-campus numbers by simply dialing the four digit extension. Local calls are free and may be made by dialing a 9 and then the number. Calls made to numbers with a 612 area code may be dialed as seven digits. Most calls made to the 763, 651 and 952 area codes are considered local calls and must be dialed as ten-digit numbers. Do not dial a 1 before any of the above area codes.

Additional Phone Lines/Sets

If a department wishes to add additional phone lines/sets, NCU's policy requires that the department pays for the additional equipment. Equipment costs are as follows:

16 button Digital phone line/set (Dterm) - $300 (Standard for new position)
Analog phone line/set (household style phone or fax line)- $200

Please contact the IT Technical Support Center (x4170) for more information.


Phone Relocation

Employees - Please contact the Technical Support Center if you wish to have your phone relocated to a different jack or location.

Frequent Tasks

Setting up a speed dial button

  1. With the handset on-hook, press the feature button.
  2. Press the button you want as a speed dial.
  3. Dial the number the store (eg. 4420 for voicemail)
  4. Press the Feature button again (display will read 'Speed Set').
  5. To use the speed dial, pick up the handset, press newly-programmed speed dial button.

Transferring a phone call

  1. Ask calling party to hold.
  2. Press transfer button (below number pad), receive interrupted dial tone.
  3. Dial destination number
  4. When destination answers, announce the call transfer and hang up to release call to destination.

Note - it is not possible to transfer an off-campus caller to an off-campus number.

Setting up a conference call

  1. With call in progress, ask party to hold.
  2. Press transfer button (below number pad), receive interrupted dial tone.
  3. Dial number of 3rd party.
  4. After call is answered, press Conf button (to the right of 9 key). Conf LED light will come on.
  5. Three way conference call is established.

Note - only one of conference call participant may be off-campus.

Using the speakerphone feature

  1. With call in progress, press speaker button (below number pad). Speaker LED light will come on.
  2. Hang up handset.
  3. If the other party can not hear you, turn on the microphone by pressing the left-most soft key (just below the display window) under the MIC display. Mic LED light (lower right corner) will come on.

Forwarding your phone

  1. With handset off-hook, press the Fwd button (2nd button from left on bottom row of programmed buttons).
  2. Dial the number that you wish to forward to (on-campus only).
  3. Display will read "Forward Set". All calls are now forwarded. Fwd button will stay lit as an indicator.
  4. To cancel forwarding, pick up handset, press Fwd, display will read "Forward Cancel".

Note - if your phone is forwarded, but a call is not answered, it will roll back to your voicemail (not the extension where it is forwarded)

Using the redial button

  1. Press the redial button (to the right of the number pad) until the number you want appears on screen (your phone will store the last 5 numbers dialed).
  2. Press the star key (*) to dial that number