parking regulations

North Central University Parking Regulations

Like most other urban schools, North Central University has an ongoing concern with parking. Since NCU does offer parking to students, staff, and faculty, the Security Department has established procedures and regulations to help provide fair and equitable parking. NCU students, faculty and staff are responsible for understanding and complying with the parking regulations of North Central University.

General Parking Information

  • North Central University assumes no responsibility for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on campus.
  • All permit holders are responsible for complying with all traffic and parking regulations.
  • Please refer to the parking regulations regarding Snow Emergency procedures.
  • Parking permit fraud will result in automatic towing and loss of parking privileges.
  • Repair and service of motor vehicles is prohibited on our campus without the permission of the Director of Facilities Management.
  • Unloading is permitted where loading/unloading signs are present for only 15 minutes. Flashers must be on during unloading.
  • Parking applications are awarded on first come, first served basis, according to submission time-stamp.
  • North Central University permits the parking of electric/hybrid vehicles on campus when labeled with the correct parking permit. However, North Central University does not permit the charging of those vehicles through our electrical systems. Owners must make other charging arrangements off campus.

Student Parking Information

  • Students with a motor vehicle at North Central University must have a minimum of liability insurance on their vehicle.
  • Students may not leave their vehicles parked on campus when leaving for school breaks without registering in the Security Office. Additional charges may apply for scheduled school breaks. When leaving a vehicle over break it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange for another individual to take responsibility of the vehicle. North Central University is not responsible for any vehicles left in another’s care during school breaks.
  • Permits must be displayed on the lower passenger side with the text side facing front.
  • Permits become valid on the first day of classes for the current semester.
  • Permits expire on the day following the last day of finals for the current semester.
  • Students with a valid North Central Parking permit and a valid handicapped tag or license provided by the state of which the vehicle is registered in may park in any handicapped parking spots in North Central University parking lots.
  • Parking is limited at North Central, therefore, not everyone is guaranteed to receive parking. Students have the option to apply for several different types of parking permits through North Central University.
  • Summer Parking Information: Students whom are taking classes at North Central and/or reside at North Central over the summer months are eligible for summer parking. There is a flat fee of $25 for the entire summer for both residential and commuter parking. Students who need parking for less than 4 weeks over the course of the summer have the option to purchase a permit at the rate of $5/per week. Permits are valid for any parking lot, with the execption of specific days and times that parking lots are closed due to maintenance or events on campus in which signage will be posted at the entrances of those parking lots. 

Student Resident On-Campus Permit ($275/per semester)

  • On-campus parking is by permit only.
  • Resident on-campus permits are only available to students who live on the campus of North Central University
  • Student Resident On-Campus Permits are valid for the following lots only:
    • Parking Lot B (Miller Hall Lot)
    • Parking Lot A (Chapel Lot)
    • Parking Lot E (Upper and Lower West Ramp)
    • Parking Lot F (Upper and Lower East Ramp)
    • Parking Lot L (1500 Apartment Lot)

Student Resident Minneapolis Street Parking ($25/per year August to August)

  • Students residing in any on-campus residence may apply for a street parking permit through North Central University. Commuter students are not eligible for a street parking permit.
  • If parking permit application is approved, student will be provided with a packet of information from the North Central University Security Department that must be brought to the City of Minneapolis Parking office located downtown.
  • It is the responsibility of the street parking permit holder to stay abreast of City of Minneapolis parking regulations and to register for parking notifications through the City of Minneapolis. North Central University Security Department does not facilitate notifications for city street snow emergencies, street closures, or any other city of Minneapolis street regulations. City of Minneapolis parking information can be found at the following website: City street snow emergency information can be obtained by calling 612-348-SNOW or by going to
  • Students may not obtain street parking along with another form of NCU parking.
  • Street parking is awarded on a first come, first served basis and is restricted by the City of Minneapolis to a limited number of permits that NCU may award.
  • Student vehicle with a City of Minneapolis street parking permit are not eligible to park in North Central University parking lots without prior registration or approval of the Security Department. When a snow emergency is declared by the City of Minneapolis, vehicles will street parking will not be able to park in North Central University campus parking lots.
  • Street parking permits are effective August to August, per City of Minneapolis parking regulations.

Student Resident Elliot East Apartment Parking (One space included in rent)

  • Elliot East parking is by permit only.
  • Student resident Elliot East Apartment parking permits are only available to students who are residents of the Elliot East Apartment complex.
  • A student resident Elliot East parking permit is valid for Parking Lot I (Elliot East Lot).
  • One parking space is provided with each Elliot East Condominium. Other residents eligible for student resident on-campus parking or student resident Minneapolis street parking.
  • RA’s in the Elliot Apartments received the designated parking space.
  • Elliot East Residents may not park in the first row along the white apartment buildings. All other spaces may be used.

Student Non Resident Commuter and PSEO Parking ($55/per semester)

  • Commuter parking is by permit only.
  • Non-resident commuter permits are only available to students who do not live on the campus of North Central University.
  • Costs will be applied directly to the applicants Student Account, with the exception of PSEO students. PSEO students will be required to pay for permit in Security office at time of receiving the permit.
  • Student non-resident commuter and PSEO parking permits are valid for the following lots only:
    • Parking Lot G (Zimmerman House Lot)
    • Parking Lot C (15th & Chicago Lot)
    • Parking Lot D (Chicago Hall Lot)
    • Parking Lot F (Marked spaces in the Upper East Ramp)

*NOTE: the gravel lot between the bookstore and the 15th and Chicago Lot AND the extended area of 15th and Chicago Lot (the non-fenced area) are not available for commuter parking.* 

Non-resident commuter and PSEO permit holders receive no guarantee of available space. The lots are on a first-come first-serve basis. The lots are over-sold. If no spaces are available, the Commuter must find parking off campus on his/her own. Check with the Security Office for non-NCU parking lot information.

North Central reserves the right to close the lots for any special function. For example: College Days, Pastor's Day, Community Outreach Day, Admissions Visit Days, Youth Center Events, etc. Commuters need to make alternate arrangements for these days. Commuter students will be made aware of these dates by email, phone, or SMS text message notifications. Security cannot be held responsible if notifications are not received, or if the provided contact information is incorrect.

Student Motorcycle Parking ($175/per semester)

  • Motorcycle parking charge is for the permit, as well as, storage of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycle parking is available in designated spaces in the Lower West Ramp ONLY. (Parking Lot E)

Staff and Faculty Parking Information

As a benefit of working at North Central University, all full time staff and faculty, adjunct faculty, and permanent part-time staff are eligible for a parking permit to be used in a North Central University parking lot. Parking permits are valid for one year, from August to August. Employees must re-register for a permit if they have a change in vehicles. Parking permits are assigned based on classification of employee. Employees who encounter a medical need to change parking arrangements may be asked to provide verification via a note from a medical doctor. Employees with a valid North Central Parking permit and a valid handicapped tag or license provided by the state of which the vehicle is registered in may park in any handicapped parking spots in North Central University parking lots. Full time staff and faculty may submit one parking permit application per vehicle. Staff and faculty permits only allow one permitted vehicle on campus at a time. Two employees from the same family may have two vehicles on campus during working hours.

Guest Parking Information 

Designated guest parking spaces are intended for guests only. All guests must register for guest parking by contacting the Security Office or applying in person to any receptionists in the College Life Center, Center for Youth and Leadership or Admissions Office. Guest parking is authorized via electronic registration or by an authorized Security Department Guest Permit. It is the responsibility of North Central University students and employees to inform their guests of these regulations. Guest parking may not be available during snow emergencies or other North Central events.

Open Parking Information 

The following parking lots are available for open parking during the following times:

  • Monday – Friday 5:00pm-1:30am
  • Saturday and Sunday 6:00am-1:30am

Open parking hours are applicable for the following lots only:

  • Parking Lot G (Zimmerman House Lot)
  • Parking Lot C (15th & Chicago Lot)
  • Parking Lot D (Chicago Hall Lot)
  • Elliot Ave
  • Parking Lot J (Mensing East Lot)
  • Parking Lot F (Upper East Ramp Marked Commuter Spaces Only)
  • Parking Lot K (Centennial 908 Lot)

Parking Violations 

A vehicle with or without a North Central University parking permit may be ticketed or towed for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: 

  • Parking without a permit
  • Parking in an incorrect lot
  • Parking in closed lot/not a parking space
  • Parking over the yellow line/double parked
  • Improperly displayed permit
  • Parking in Handicapped Area without handicapped permit (automatic $50.00 fine)
  • Parking in a fire lane (automatic $50.00 fine)
  • Other – Infractions that create a safety concern or against parking regulations

Violations fines are as follows:

  • First Violation: WARNING:
    • Automatic Second Violation for parking in an assigned/reserved spot, handicap space or parked incorrectly during an NCU Snow Emergency.
  • Second and Subsequent Violations: $25.00 each violation
  • Sticker Issuing: Towing stickers are applied upon issuing the 4th unpaid violation.

Towing: North Central University reserves the right to tow any vehicle for any violation without warning. Parking in non-parking spaces may result in immediate towing.

Unpaid Violations: Persons with unpaid violations will not receive new permits until all outstanding fines are paid.

Parking Violation Records: Security maintains a continual record of violations which will not be expunged from the database. Records are not erased from year to year.

Parking Grievance Form 

A Parking Grievance form may be completed by anyone wishing to contest a parking fine or warning. Grievance forms may be obtained from the Security Office and must be submitted within 10 days following the date of the parking violation.

Handicapped Parking Information 

Handicapped spaces that are located in North Central parking lots require a valid North Central permit, as well as a valid handicapped permit provided by the state where the vehicle is registered to. Overnight handicapped spaces are available to students who have been issued a student resident on campus permit and have a valid handicapped permit issused from the state where the vehicle is registered to. 

Snow Emergency Information 

Anytime directly after a snow fall or after consecutive snow falls over multiple days, a snow emergency may be declared for the campus of North Central University. All users of North Central University campus lots are required to follow NCU Snow Emergency procedures.  NCU Snow Emergencies are conducted in two phases. Permit holders should make themselves familiar with the phases so as to know where to move their vehicle.

Phase I occurs on the first night after a snow emergency has been declared starting at 11:00pm until 7:00am. All vehicles must be moved from the following parking lots by 11:00pm on phase 1:

  • Parking Lot G (Zimmerman Lot)
  • Parking Lot C (15th & Chicago Lot)
  • Parking Lot D (Chicago Hall Lot)
  • Parking Lot J (Mensing East Lot)
  • Parking Lot K (Centennial 908 Lot)
  • Parking Lot H (Liechty Hall Lot)
  • Elliot Ave

Phase II occurs on the night following a phase I starting at 11:00pm until 7:00am. All vehicles must be moved from the following parking lots by 11:00pm on phase II:

  • Parking Lot F (Upper East Ramp ONLY)
  • Parking Lot E (Upper West Ramp ONLY)
  • Parking Lot B (Miller Hall Lot)
  • Parking Lot I (Elliot East Lot)
  • Parking Lot A (Chapel Lot)
  • Parking Lot L (1500 Apartments Lot)

*It is the permit holder’s responsibility to inquire about Snow Emergencies* 

NCU permit holders may contact the NCU Snow Emergency phone line at 612.343.7882 for current information. Snow Emergency Email, Voice Mail, and Text Message notifications are sent out through the Emergency Notification System. If you are currently registered for parking on the North Central campus and have not opted out of the Emergency Notification System, you are automatically enrolled in snow emergency notifications. To update you phone numbers or email address, please visit the following page: Snow Emergency signage will be posted on the door of the Security Office and the Student Life office. If in doubt, contact the NCU Snow Emergency line at 612.343.7882 or go online to Security is not responsible if notifications are not received. Street permit holders are not permitted to park in NCU campus lots during a city of Minneapolis Snow Emergency. If you have City of Minneapolis Street Parking, you may call 348.SNOW for city information.