Piano Proficiency: FAQ's

A. Who must take the Piano Proficiency Exam?

All music, worship arts and secondary education majors and minors.

B. When is the exam given and how do I sign up for a time?

The proficiency exam is held during finals week and once during the middle of the semester. Available times are posted outside the music office one week prior to the scheduled exam date. Students should attempt at least 1 proficiency per semester and may sign up for as many as 3 at one time. Students should discuss the exam requirements with their piano teacher.

C. How many semesters do I have before completing the requirements?

Proficiencies must be completed by the end of the fourth semester of theory in order to be on track to perform the senior recital. The proficiencies must be completed the year before you plan to do you senior recital. If proficiencies are not completed a date for the recital will not be given.

D. Can I start my first semester?

Begin as soon as you feel prepared to pass one or more requirements. The sooner you begin the sooner you will be done.

E. What happens if I don't pass the first time?

If a student attempts a particular requirement but does not pass they may try again the next time proficiencies are held.

F. What happens if I truly cannot perform the required skills?

Even if you have never played piano you will be able to complete all the requirements. The proficiencies are basic piano skills that will aid you in your future music endeavors. You must complete the proficiencies before a senior recital date will be given.

G. How soon will I know the results?

Results will be available in the music office within 24 hours after the completion of the exam.