Planning Meetings

NOTE: Your piano and/or guitar proficiencies must be completed by the end of the spring semester before the year you plan to do your recital.

An informational meeting will be held with the Administrative Assistant and Faculty during the spring semester for all students planning their senior recital for the following year.

Spring Meeting:

Things we will discuss

  • Choose a date for the recital
  • Sharing a recital date
  • All recitals will be held in the Chapel
  • Requirements for each music major
  • Dress for the recital
  • The Reception
  • Project Proposals
  • Recital repertoire

Fall Meeting:

This is a mandatory meeting for all seniors doing their recital during the current school year. This meetng will take place within the first two weeks of school. Please see the Fine Arts Department Calendar for the date, time and place.

Things we will discuss

  • Details of the hearing
  • Reserving practice time
  • Program specifics
  • Forms to complete
  • Who your committee will be
  • Length of the recital
  • A failed hearing
  • Who attends the hearing
  • Repertoire