Practice Room Policies and Procedures

In order to secure resources and equipment for Practice Room users the following procedures and policies regarding room and equipment use will be required by anyone using these rooms.


  • Reserve Practice Room via Meeting Room Manager.

  • During the hours of 7am - 4:30pm you can get a key to open your practice room from Karla or Melissa in the College of Fine Arts.

  • After 4:30pm you will need to call Security at 4445 to open your room.

  • Each room has equipment marked with colored tape.  If you see something that does not belong in your room let Zach Miller or Karla Johnson know.  NO equipment should be taken from another room. BEFORE your time in the room is expired (5-10 minutes), take the time to return all equipment to its designated location, wrap cables and leave the room in its original, orderly state.

  • NEW POLICY BEGINNING SPRING 2012 - students using the drums in the rhythm rooms will need to provide their own cymbals.  During the hours of 7am - 4:30pm you will be able to "check out" the schools cymbals.  After 4:30pm you will need to use your own.  This policy is being instituted due to lack of equipment care in these rooms.  We will talk more about this through Fall 2011.


Practice room hours are very tight and you are expected to use the room at the day and time you reserve it. If you don't show, it takes the room away from someone who could have used it. In order to assure practice rooms will be used when they are scheduled, the following policy will be implemented.

  • The room must reserved and approved in order for a student to gain entrance into a room. These are for personal instrument practice ONLY. No personal bands/worship teams may use these rooms.

  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum or 2 hours M - F.  Sat and Sun are more flexible due to less demand.

  • If you are an Entry Worship Team Leader you may request a room for your teams practice. Only the leader's requests will be approved. This is for Team practice only.

  • Sanctuary Worship Teams may use FAB 133 (Studio B). This is for team practice only. Contact the Administrative Assistant to schedule this room.

  • You must be enrolled in a lesson in bass, guitar or drums to be allowed to use Mensing 117, 121 and 129.

  • If you schedule a room and are unable to use it, please notify the Administrative Assistant within 24 hours so the room can be released and open to another student.

  • If you have two no shows you will be in jeopardy of having your practice room privilege revoked for the rest of the semester.

Missing or Broken Equipment

  • If you notice missing or broken equipment please notify Zach Miller or Karla Johnson 

  • If it is determined that equipment is missing or broken (due to misuse), you will be held responsible for replacing that equipment.