Prepare for an Interview

An interview is a strategic conversation with a hiring manager that focuses on the interviewee's fit in the company. While qualifications may be assessed during an interview, you need to be able to communicate that not only are you qualified but also that you bring the most value to the company of any of the applicants.

Each industry and company has unique interview components, and you will need to learn and prepare for these. While there are many similarities to interviews as well, you must prepare sufficiently for each interview.

Do not forget that an interview is two-way. That is, you (the interviewee) are assessing the job, the company, and its people to see if the position would fit you and your talents, interests, values, and personality.

Online Presentation:

Interviewing PowerPoint (under development)

Brief Overview:

Interviewing One Sheet (under development)

Resources:'s Interviewing website

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Quintessential Careers's Guide to Job Interviewing Resources & Tools

Next Steps:

  • Prepare: If you have an interview scheduled, be sure to research the company, think of success stories to tell during the interview, and practice your responses with someone.
  • Practice: Do a mock interview with someone, such as: a professional in the industry, a Career Services Professional, a Professor, etc.
  • "Professionalize:" Attend to your professional appearance, wardrobe, social media sites, portfolio, etiquette, etc.
  • For more assistance: Schedule an Interview Prep session with a Career Services Professional in the Student Success Center by calling 612-343-3515 or visiting Miller Hall 227.