The Program

The program for the Senior Recital is a presentation on paper of the pieces to be performed in order with the exact time for each piece, the composers biographies and translations.  The Thank You's are not necessary for the hearing.  The program must presented to the recital committee on the day of the hearing. Your lesson teacher, advisor and the administrative assistant are great resources for any questions you have regarding your program.

The program should be typed in paragraph form for the hearing. Please do not format the program. The administrative assistant will compile the information and format it for printing.

The Program Cover

  • Please list the following for the program cover
  • Name of student
  • Name of accomanist
  • Name of teacher
  • Category of the performer, date and degree being completed

The Body of the Program

  • Sequence of music to be performed
  • Composer's names and life and death dates
  • Length of each piece being performed
  • Name's of additional musicians playing under the song in which they are participating.
  • Desired grouping, breaks and intermission. Groupings can be done by composer, language or genre.
  • Program notes give information on the composer, the style and pertinent and unique information to the piece. This is important for the non-musician attending the recital.
  • Translations should be written in paragraph form with the language first and then the English translation. Please include any special symbols associated with a particular language.
  • Acknowledgments are not required but student's may include them. They do not need to be presented at the hearing.

After the Hearing

The sequense of the music being performed will be approved at the conclusion of the hearing. Any changes to the program will be given to the applied lesson instructor for the student to correct.

Once the changes are made and the program is finalized by the teacher and student it should be emailed to the administrative assistant two weeks prior to the recital date. 

The Fine Arts Department will provide up to 200 programs. Any additional programs are the financial responsibility of the student and should be arranged in advance. If a student wishes to use paper other than what is provided in the Mail Center it must be purchased by the student and given to the administrative assistant along with the program, two weeks prior to the recital.