PSEO Admissions Overview

What is Post Secondary Enrollment Option?

PSEO offers high school juniors and seniors (whether currently in public, nonpublic, or home schools) the opportunity to take courses at eligible post-secondary institutions. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the post-secondary institution, but do not pay for tuition, fees, or books. They earn high school credit courses and, if students continue their education beyond high school, colleges or universities may choose to transfer their completed coursework through PSEO as college credits. All throughout the state, more than 7,000 Minnesota students attended college through the PSEO program last year.

Contact Information

If you have further questions about enrolling in our PSEO program, please contact the PSEO Admissions Counselor in the Admissions Office. For students already enrolled, contact the PSEO Coordinator.

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Chanyce Heindel, PSEO Admissions Counselor


Phone: 612.343.4476


Additional information about the Minnesota Postsecondary Enrollment Options program and state forms can be found at the Minnesota Department of Education website.


High school juniors or seniors who meet the following Admissions requirements may apply and be admitted to the PSEO program at North Central University on a space-available basis:

  • Minnesota Resident: Only Minnesota residents are eligible for the PSEO program
  • The North Central PSEO program is open to both high school Juniors and Seniors
  • Minimum 3.25 GPA from high school
  • Minimum ACT score of 18 or SAT of 850 (optional writing portion not included) or 50% or higher on PLAN, PSAT or ASPIRE
  • Ability to succeed at the higher education level of academic rigor

Application process for PSEO Students

This information and the accompanying forms can also be found on the Steps to Apply page.

The following documentation is required in order for a student's application to be reviewed for admission into the PSEO program: (Note: NCU's PSEO Program is is a non-residential PSEO program)

  • PSEO Application Form
  • Character Recommendation
  • High School Transcript
    • An official transcript from high school/homeschool through at least the middle of the sophomore year for Junior applicants and through the middle of the junior year for Senior applicants (minimum 3.25 GPA). Applicants should contact their high school counselor and request that an official copy of their high school transcript be forwarded to the Admissions Office.
  • College Entrance Exams 
    • For North Central PSEO Admission, one of the following exams is required:
      • American College Testing (ACT) Minimum score of 18 required *optional writing portion scores not included
      • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Minimum score of 850 *optional writing portion scores not included
      • PLAN or PSAT Standardized Tests - Must score at 50% or higher
      • *All students must request official exam scores to be sent to North Central University Admissions
  • Notice of Student Registration Form (2015-2016)  | (2016-2017 Version)
    • Directions for completing this form: Print the form from the link above,Box 1 must be completed by the student, Box 2 must be completed by the student's high school/homeschool, Box 3 will be completed by North Central and sent to the MN Dept. of Education upon enrollment.
  • Interview (if requested by North Central)

Once the student has submitted proper documentation for admission to North Central's PSEO program, the Admissions Committee will consider the application for admission.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for Fall semester is June 1 and Spring semester is November 1. PSEO is not available during the summer semester. The total enrollment for PSEO students is limited and students are accepted into the program as space becomes available. Applications received after these deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis.


Students participating in North Central's PSEO program are released from most fees, including an application fee, tuition, technology fee, fees for eligible courses, student I.D. cards, and the cost of all required textbooks. Students are responsible for incidental school supplies (paper, pens, athletic equipment, etc.) PSEO students are not eligible for any additional financial aid. If a PSEO student chooses to take a class that is not on the list of PSEO Eligible Courses, they will be responsible for all tuition, fees, and textbooks associated with that class (e.g. Music Lessons).

Class Registration

Class registration for PSEO students is based on the student's high school requirements. Where possible, courses selected to meet high school requirements will also meet North Central freshman requirements. Since each high school and each student program is unique, the PSEO Coordinator will work closely with students throughout their participation in the PSEO program. The class schedule for PSEO students will be based on high school requirements, choice of acedemic major, and space availability at the time of registration. Due to PSEO guidelines for the state of Minnesota and/or North Central determination, some North Central courses are not available to students in the PSEO program. Classes must be on the list of PSEO eligible courses. PSEO students can take a 3-15 credits per semester.

PSEO Steps After Acceptance

Congratulations on your acceptance! Wondering what the next step is? Visit our Steps after Acceptance page for more information.

Partnered PSEO Programs:

Y.E.A.H Academy in Roseville, MN offers North Central approved PSEO courses

North Central University is proud to partner with Y.E.A.H Academy (Youth Educated At Home) to serve PSEO students by expanding our program to include a new satellite location in Roseville, MN. Students interested in Y.E.A.H must meet the admissions requirements for North Central's PSEO program, as well as the requirements for entrance into the Y.E.A.H Academy. Once accepted into Y.E.A.H, students will have the unique opportunity to take North Central PSEO courses at the Roseville location. For information about this program, please contact Chanyce Heindel, PSEO Admissions Counselor at North Central University; or Cher Baumhoefner, Executive Director of the Y.E.A.H Academy ( Also, visit for more information.  

WEST Academy in Maple Grove, MN and Rogers, MN offers North Central approved PSEO courses

North Central University is proud to partner with WEST Academy to serve PSEO students by expanding our program to include satellite locations in Maple Grove, MN and Rogers, MN. Students interested in WEST must meet the admissions requirements for North Central's PSEO program, as well as the requirements for entrance into the WEST Academy. Once accepted into WEST, students will have the unique opportunity to take North Central PSEO courses at both the Maple Grove and Rogers location. For information about this program, please contact Chanyce Heindel, PSEO Admissions Counselor at North Central University; or Robin Fraser, Director of WEST Academy ( (763.227.6700).  Also, visit for more information.


Information for Current Students


We want to help you make the most of your PSEO experience! PSEO Coordinator Stacy Sikorski can provide help with advising, information about Orientation, and answer any questions you have about being a PSEO student.

Stacy Sikorski, PSEO Coordinator


Phone: 612-343-4748 


Transcripts sent to the student's High School

At the end of each semester, North Central will send copies of the student's grade card to the student and the High School listed on the student's Notice of Student Registration Form.

Continuing the PSEO program

Students are eligible for four semesters of PSEO at NCU based on Minnesota Department of Education funding.

Each semester PSEO students must complete and submit a new Notice of Student Registration Form and complete the appropriate class registration.


Students must have a GPA of 3.25 in order to be accepted into the PSEO program and must maintain a GPA of 3.0 for the duration of their time in the program. If a PSEO student's cumulative GPA drops below 3.0, they will be notified and placed on Academic Provisional Continuance. The following requirements must be met during the term of Academic Provisional Continuance:

  • The student must meet with an Academic Coach in the Student Success Center and complete the Academic Coaching Program during the course of the semester
  • The student will be required to meet 1 time with the PSEO Coordinator
  • The student will only be allowed to register for 9 or fewer credits during the term in question
  • If a student earned an F in a course, they must re-take that course the following semester

If the student's GPA does not return to 3.0 or above at the completion of the Academic Provisional Continuance term, or falls below 3.0 at the conclusion of any future term, they will be dismissed from the PSEO program entirely.

Applying for Freshman Admission

Upon High School graduation, PSEO students who wish to be accepted for Freshman status must submit:

  • Undergraduate Application for Admission
  • Updated High School transcript

Withdrawing from the PSEO program

Students who do not want to enroll in the PSEO program for additional semesters or will not be applying for Freshman status after High School graduation should complete and submit the PSEO Current Student Withdrawl Form.