PSEO Textbooks

What is PSEO?

NCU is a participating school in the Post Secondary Enrollment Option program for high school students, and will provide textbooks to all registered students in the program. In order to reduce costs, we will provide USED books for use while classes are in session, whenever possible.

What do I do to get my books? Where do I go, and what do I need?

After registering for the courses, come to the bookstore and show us a valid picture ID (student ID or driver's license) and we will hand you a bag with your course textbooks pulled and ready to go, or we will help you gather up required books if you register late or change your schedule. Normally, distribution of PSEO textbooks starts when textbook sales begin.

Note: registered students will need to sign for the books that they are using, not the parent or brother/sister.

Do I need to return the books?

Books are on-loan to the student while the class is in session. At the end of finals week, you are required to return all books to the bookstore, otherwise you will be billed for the books not returned. A late fee might be applied for books that come back once the new session begins, and we will not be able to provide books for the new term until the late fee is paid/books returned (or both).

Some textbooks are considered “consumables”- in that they are used only once. These would include: workbooks, course manuals, and course software. These items don’t have to be returned, as they are paid for by the PSEO program. When in doubt, bring everything back and we’ll tell you at the desk which ones you may keep.

Can I write in the books?

A USED book is one that was owned previously, and sold back to the bookstore for resale to another student. These books are usually written in and highlighted, (many students prefer this!) and aren’t in brand new condition when purchased. It’s perfectly acceptable to write in any book provided (new or used) and we will consider the book returned with no fee or penalty, as long as the book is in fair condition (spine intact, no missing pages, no coffee stains, etc).

WITH ONE EXCEPTION: If you withdraw from any course early, you will be billed for the price of any consumable item that is written in (or used software, etc.) As long as you complete the course, the PSEO program will cover these costs.

What If I want to keep the books instead of returning them?

Bring the books back to the bookstore for the required PSEO book return, and at the register we will be able to immediately resell the book to you as a USED book.