There are four types of student recitals offered each semester:

  • General Recitals
  • Senior Recitals
  • Faculty Recitals
  • Studio/Class Recitals

General Recitals

General Recitals take place during Recital Performance Class. Each week students will perform on their primary instrument.  At the end of every semester the top students from each concentration will be chosen to perform in the final recitals of the semester.  General Recitals are open to the public.

Repertoire will be primarily classical. Jazz standards, spirituals, Broadway numbers and ensemble combo arrangements are considered appropriate. Please consult with your lesson instructor on the specific piece to be performed.

Recital Registration

  • If you are chosen to perform in a final recital you must complete a General Recital Regsitration form and submit it to the Administrative Assistant one week prior to the date you are scheduled to perform. No late forms will be accepted. If a student fails to turn their form in on time and thus not perform that semester, their major lesson grade will be lowered one letter.
  • Vocal majors must provide the translation for any foreign language song. This should be copied from the music book and handed in with the registration form.
  • Song translations and composer dates

NEW - Composer Biography

  • The goal of this exercise is to prepare you to write your biographries for your senior recital program.
  • Each student will write a short composer biography for the piece they will perform in Recital Performance. This will be read to the audience just before he/she performs the piece. A preview submission of this should be included on the recital registration for for approval. Each biography will be a minimum of 2 sentences in length and should include the following:
    • A historical background on the composer including dates, nationality, what they are famous for etc.
    • Something about their style and composition technique.
    • Something stylistically about the piece being performed or something specific the audience should listen for during the performance.

Attendance at General and Senior

  • Attendance is verified each week by sign-in sheets. It is the student's responsibility to sign in each week and to track attendance for any missed recitals.
  • Student's must attend all Senior and Faculty Recitals each semester. Dates and times are listed on the Department Calendar.
  • Student's are allowed a total of two absences per semester. These may only be taken during the breakout sessions or the general recital class.
  • Any missed senior or faculty recitals that are missed must be made up or the student's lesson grade will be lowered one letter grade.
  • Seniors must register for Recital Performance the semester of their Senior Recital.

Missed Recitals

  • Attendance at one outside classical chorale or orchestral concert is required for each Faculty or Senior recital that a student misses during any given semester.
  • The original program for the concert attended must be handed in to the Administrative Assistant by the last day of Finals. No exceptions.
  • The concert must be at least at the college level. No high school or junior high concerts will be allowed as a make up.
  • Musicals, plays, jazz concerts or any concerts in which NCU students are involved (i.e. Songs of the Season or Performance Prep) do not fulfill the make-up requirements.
  • Occasionally the music faculty will approve a specific NCU concert for a make-up. These and other acceptable concerts will be announced during class time.
  • Information regarding acceptable concerts can be found on the bulletin board in the student lounge and sometimes posted ouside of the music office. The University of Minnesota also offers free recitals on a weekly basis.
  • Any faculty or senior recitals not made up by the deadline will result in the major instrument lesson being lowered at least one letter grade.

Recital Ettiquette


  • Vocal and solo piano music must be memorized for the recital.
  • Instrumental and rhythm students may use music.
  • Participants should follow professional recital etiquette and dress. No jeans. See your applied lesson teacher for more information.
  • Bowing and graceful acknowledgement is appropriate and expected.
  • The student should first acknowledge audience applause and secondly acknowledge accompanists.
  • Conversation among the performers or to the audience is to be avoided.


Entering and exiting the recital hall occurs during the applause, not during a performance in progress.

No whispering or joking should take place while someone is performing. All distracting behaviors, including those from young children, are to be avoided.

Senior Recitals

The Senior Recital fulfills part of the senior project requirements for the music major and is mandatory attendance for all music majors.

Faculty Recitals

Faculty Recitals are held at least once a semester. These recitals include performances by full-time and adjunct music faculty and are required attendance for all music majors.

Studio/Class Recitals

  • Students taking applied lessons should be prepared to perform in one or more studio recitals each semester.
  • Times and dates for these recitals are determined by the applied lesson instructor. Not all applied lesson instructors have Studio/Class Recitals.
  • These are an opportunity for every student to have a safe performance experience even as a beginner.
  • Studio/Class recitals are generally not open to the public.
  • See your applied lessons instructor for more information