Requirements for Music Majors

1. Ensemble Participation

Each music major is required to participate in at least one ensemble per semester at NCU. Students may choose from the following ensembles: Mixed Choir, Woman's Choir (audition only), Jazz Band (audition only), Chorale (audition only), Rhythm Section Players (for guitar, bass and drum majors), Jazz Workshop ( upperclassmen), Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, and Saxophone Ensemble. Non-majors are encouraged to participate.

2. Recital Performance Class

All music majors must register for Recital Performance each semester.  This class begins to prepare students for their senior recital and gives each student the opportunity to perform on their primary instrument as well as learn recital etiquette and participate in master classes.  Students from each concentration will be chosen to perform in one of the final recitals of the year.

3. Recital Attendance

Attendance is taken at all recital classes and senior recitals and verified by sign-in.. Students are allowed a total of 2 skips during break-outs and general recitals but are required to attend all faculty and senior recitals each semester. Make-ups may be made for faculty and senior recitals by attending an outside classical choral or orchestral concert (college level or above). The program for each make-up recital is due to the music office by the last day of class each semester. Failure to make-up any missed recitals on the required date will result in the students major lesson grade being lowered one letter grade.

4. Conducting Lab

Music Pastor, Secondary Education - Music majors and students in Conducting I or II are required to register for Conducting Lab. This class is taken for 0 credic and serves as the choir for each Worship Arts Music Pastor's and Secondary Education - Music maors senior recital. Rehearsals will be led by the senior preparing for the next recital. This class may also be used as the lab for Conducting classes.

5. Piano Class

This is for any student who has little or no piano experience. This will be taken in lieu of the piano lesson during the first and/or second semester at NCU. An applied lesson will be taken each semester thereafter until proficiencies are completed by the end of the fourth semester of theory.

6. Applied Lessons

Applied lessons are available in the following areas: piano, voice, guitar, drums, bass guitar, violin, flute, cello, saxophone, trumpet and french horn. Each music major will choose one of the previous as their major performing instrument. Piano is the minor instrument for anyone not a piano major. Piano majors may choose from this list for their secondary instrument. Students must register for at least one credit generic music lesson for each lesson needed. Each one credit lesson is held once a week for 25 minutes and requires a minimum of 5 hours of practice per week. A student may also choose to take a two credit generic music lesson which would meet once a week for 50 minutes and requires a minimum of 10 hours of practice per week. Once the on-line registration is complete the student must come to the music office to schedule a specific teacher and time for each generic lesson registered for.

7. Jury Exams

Juries are the final exam for the music majors and determines changes to a students major for the next semester. Students perform on their primary instrument and are completed at the end of each semester of applied study. Literature studied that semester will be performed by the student and evaluated by the faculty. Students must preprare a minimum of 3 new pieces each semester, two of those being foreign languages (for voice majors). Pieces are to be memorized. Jury dates are listed on the College of Fine Arts calendar. Times will be posted outside the music office at least one week prior to the scheduled jury date. If you have a class contact please let the administrative assitant know ahead of time so we can work around your class. Please note that students need to fill out the Jury Repertoire Form (available in the Fine Arts Office or in the Forms section on the Fine Arts home page) and hand it to the faculty upon entrance into the jury examination. The student and collaborative pianist will be ready to perform any of the completed repertoire listed on the sheet. After the jury, the student will receive the evaluation sheets from their applied lesson instructor. Student who do not complete a jury for that semester will have their major lesson grade lowered.

8. Piano Proficiency

All music majors are required to complete piano proficiencies by the end of their fourth semester of theory to keep on track to completing their senior recital. Proficiency exams are scheduled twice during each semester. These dates are listed on the Fine Arts Calendar. Sign-ups will be poasted at least one week prior to the scheduled date. A Proficiency Handbook is available in the music office. Requirements are also listed online.

9. Entrance Audition (formerly Sophomore Interview)

Students who are transfer students or of sophomore status as a music major will be required to complete a Entrance Audition. This is considered the students formal entrance into the College of Fine Arts.  Other students may be asked to participate at the discretion of the faculty. The date the application is due and the interview date are listed on the College of Fine Arts calendar. The application can be found online and must be returned by the scheduled date. For the interview, the student must be prepared to perform one piece they have worked on in their applied lesson. Once the interview is complete the student will be notified in a formal letter stating wheter they are accepted into the College of Fine Arts, accepted with provisions or not accepted.

10. Senior Project/Recital

All music majors must complete a senior project/recital to fulfill their degree requirements. Music, Contemporary Christian Music, Worship Arts Worship Leading majors will complete a half hour performance (on primary instrument) with program notes as well as a CD demo, project or paper. Your advisor can advise you on specific requirements for your project. Performance Majors will perform a one hour recital with program notes and the Worship Arts Music Pastor Major will perform a half hour recital with program notes as well as a half hour conducting program. Repertoire for each performance will consist primarily of classical music with at least two foreign languages (voice majors) for each half hour performed. Jazz standards, spirituals, broadway numbers and ensemble combo arrangements are acceptable but limited to 1 or 2 per recital. More information can be found at