Room Reservation Tutorial


Meeting Room Manager (MRM) is NCU’s calendaring tool. Faculty, staff, and students are allowed to use the MRM to reserve locations. Any reservation is a request, and is subject to approval by Student Life. Requests are approved in the morning during the business week.

Getting Logged in:

·         From an on-campus computer, type “rooms” into the address bar. NOTE: no http or www is necessary. You may also go to: (Please use Internet Explore)

·         A log-in screen will pop up. Read the log-in pop up and enter your credentials.

·          The first time you use Meeting Room Manager it will require you to enter your North Central email address.

To check availability:

·         Use the calendar in the upper left corner and select the date you wish to have your event.

·         Below the calendar is a list of the locations you can reserve; select the building and the room.

·         View the calendar to the right to see available time slots.

·         Note: you cannot reserve a location that has already been reserved.

Making a Reservation:

·         Select the time on the calendar you would like to reserve. It will bring up the Reservation Details screen.

·         Adjust the start and end times of your event.

·         General tab:

o    Meeting Title (Required)

o    Reservation Type: Select the reservation type closest to your event from the drop-down menu. For example, a student organization would select “Student Event,” etc.

o    Booked By: Your login name should automatically appear in this box when you begin a new reservation.

o    Host: Enter the host of the event’s name.

o    # Attending (Required): Please provide an estimated number of attendees.

o    Account #: When reserving the 901 Guest Apartment, enter the account number that the reservation is to be charged to here.

·         Housekeeping Tab:

o    Use this tab if you have additional setup needs apart from the standard room setup.

o    Room Setup Requirements: Click on the items to select your desired room setup. You may only select a checkbox that has been designated by the administrator as available. Make sure to edit quantities of the items you selected.

§  Notes: Other relevant information can be entered here.

·         Media Support Tab: This tab is only available for the Sanctuary and Chapel calendars and is the preferred method of communication to the Word and Worship Services Department regarding media staffing. When saving the reservation, you will be asked if you would like to submit an email to the appropriate department. You must type “Yes” or “No” in order to reserve this space.

·         Make sure to build in setup and cleanup time to your reservation, as the room will only be available for your use during the time that you have it reserved.

·         When you are finished, you can hit “Save and Close” at the bottom of the screen. You will receive an email confirming or denying your request when it is processed.

Changing and Deleting a Reservation:

·         You may change or delete reservations that you created.

·         To change or delete a reservation, locate the reservation on the calendar.

·         Click on the meeting title to open the reservation. If the reservation is recurring, you will be prompted to specify whether you are changing a single event or all events of the reservation.

·         To change the reservation, simply change the information in the field(s) that you would like to alter. Some tabs may be locked by the administrator so that they may not be edited after the initial reservation; if this happens and you need to change this information, please contact the appropriate department or Student Life.

·         To delete the reservation, simply click the “Delete” button on the bottom right of the screen. If your reservation is a multiple resource reservation (i.e. using both the Chapel AND the Sanctuary), you will be prompted to specify whether you would like to delete the reservation for a single resource or all resources.



If you have any questions about Meeting Room Manager, please contact Word and Worship Services at 612.343.4436.