Search for a Job Effectively

There are infinite ways to look for a job; starting with more effective job searching strategies will save time. Think about how employers go about filling a job; employers are busy and do not like having to fill positions. Thus, employers use trustworthy methods for filling a position. The following list ranks hiring methods from most trustworthy to least.

  1. Hiring from within the organization
  2. Hiring an unknown applicant who can prove that they can do the job (e.g. cashier demonstrating making correct change)
  3. Hiring an applicant who is recommended by a trusted colleague or friend of the hiring manager
  4. Hiring an applicant who is recommended by a trusted agency (e.g. a temporary employment firm)
  5. Hiring an applicant who has applied to a job advertisement posting
  6. Hiring an individual who has submitted a resume when no job has been posted
*Notice that job applicants usually start with options 5 and 6, while employers try to use those methods as a "last resort."

Unless you are in a company that you want to stay with, most job seekers can start with option 3. To do so, think about your personal network and where they work. Your goal will be to have someone recommend you to a hiring manager. To get someone to recommend you, they need to know that you are looking and how a hiring manager can contact you. The first action in an effective job search is to tell everyone you know what you are looking for and your contact information.

Online Presentation:

Job Searching Effectively PowerPoint (in development)

General Information and Tips:

Job Searching Effectively One Sheet (in development)


What Color is Your Parachute? Published annually and available at most libraries
Glassdoor A web resource for researching prospective employers and jobs.

Next Steps:

  • Alert you Network: Tell everyone what type of work you are looking for and how to contact you
  • Update your Resumé on CareerWire and LinkedIn
  • Schedule a meeting with a Career Services Professional in the Student Success Center by calling 612-343-3515 or visiting Miller Hall 227