General Computer Security Recommendations

File Sharing

Not sharing files on the campus network is one good way to eliminate a wide range of ways that Hackers could get into your computer. We recommend that you do not share files over the network for your own protection.

Anti-Virus Software

We require all computers connected to the campus network to be running updated anti-virus protection. North Central University has licensed Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition for all current NCU students. Each student can download one copy from Unet.

Email Safety

Do not open attachments that you did not expect to receive, even if they came from a user that you know. Contact the sender of an unexpected message to confirm that they meant to send something before you open the attachment if the message is from someone you know.

Secure Passwords

Dictionary words, your name, family members names, your birth date or family member’s birth dates, phone numbers are all examples of things that are bad things to use as passwords. Use combinations of letters and numbers to make a stronger password that cannot easily be guessed. Do not share your personal passwords with anyone, for any reason, including system administrators, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or your roommate. Your username and password combination can be tracked in most systems, and you can be held responsible for any actions taken using your identity.

Personal Firewalls

A firewall is a structure intended to keep a fire from spreading. Buildings have firewalls made of brick completely dividing sections of the building. In a car a firewall is the metal wall separating the engine and passenger compartments. Network firewalls are intended to keep unauthorized people and software out of your computer or private LAN. On the NCU Campus Network, we can only do so much to keep you safe from your fellow students. Installing a personal PC based firewall is one way to prevent others connected to the network from accessing your computer without your authorization. Setting up and managing a personal firewall can be annoying at least at first. This is well worth it when the rest of the world goes down because of a virus or some other reason and you are safe and secure behind your firewall.