Senior Recital Checklist

Spring Semester Before Recital Year

  • Complete Piano/Guitar Proficiencies
  • Attend the planning meeting to discuss dates. Proficiencies must be completed to be given a date.

Fall Semester of Your Recital Year

  • Attend the planning meeting at the beginning of the semester. We will discuss the details of the hearing, program and the recital.
  • Reserve the recital space for rehearsals. You will be allowed 4 hours of rehearsal in the recital space. These can be scheduled 4 week prior to the recital.
  • Fill out the Meeting Room Manager form for any specific placement or instrument requests for your recital. Remember that no microphones will be used but amps may be allowed for a rhythm recital. Check with your applied instructor for more information.
  • Inform the media tech of the date of your recital and the date for your dress rehearsal.
  • Communicate, appreciate and collaborate continually with your accompanying musicians.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Four Weeks Prior to the Recital

  • Successfully complete the hearing. See the Hearing page for more information about the specifics of the hearing.
  • Reserve practice time in the recital space. You are allowed a total of 4 hours in this space. Fill out the Meeting Room Manager form to have a tech available for your rehearsals and your recital. This will also allow you to let the media team know the set up for your recital.
  • Decide who will perform first for the recital. This should be a collaborative decision between you, your applied teacher and the person(s) sharing your date and their applied teachers.
  • Confirm participation of ushers, stage manager and sound tech.
  • Determine desired dress for participants (robes, all black, black and white, etc.)
  • Notify recital participants of desired dress, arrival and rehearsal times (accompanist, choir members, sound tech)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Two Weeks Prior to the Recital

  • Email the final program to the administrative assistant.
  • Contact one of the music faculty on your committee to open the recital in prayer.
  • Submit publicity materials to Student Life for approval.
  • Email poster to administrative assistant to be placed on the VCS screens.
  • Put up posters, send invitations etc.
  • Keep Practicing

One Week Prior to the Recital

  • Instruct each usher on distribution of programs, seating the audience and admitting latecomers. Latecomers will need to be seated in between sections not while music is in progress.
  • Conduct a dress rehearsal with the proper stage setting.
  • Remind recital participants of arrival time and dress for the recital.
  • Plan to meet with visiting family and friends after the recital. Avoid any distractions the day of the recital.
  • Remind faculty member about introduction and invocation. It is helpful to provide names of visiting honored guests.
  • Confirm with the media team your needs for the recital, the time you will begin to set up etc.
  • Music Pastor Majors will have their final dress rehearsal during the Conducting Lab class. This rehearsal should be held in the recital space. Be sure to communicate with the media/tech person the time and place for the rehearsal and any special instructions you may have.

Recital Day

  • Dress, primp and look fabulous!
  • Meet with applied teacher for warm-ups before the recital.
  • Have your assistant warm up the choir (WA Music Pastor Majors).
  • Pray with recital participants before the recital.
  • Enjoy each moment. Shine!