Spam Filtering

North Central University equipment examines all incoming email and blocks or quarantines messages that are determined to be spam. Because filtering techniques occasionally block legitimate messages, spam quarantine is used. The quarantine saves messages which are likely to be spam for at least 3 days and up to 20 days, allowing the intended recipient to review them. Unless the recipient authorizes the quarantine to deliver a message that is held, the message will be deleted. North Central email users can manage their quarantined messages and customize filtering for their account using the Email Quarantine section of Unet.

Quarantine Details:

  • A list of your quarantined messages is emailed to you each day.
  • Logging in to the quarantine allows quarantined messages to be deleted or delivered
  • Messages can be classified as Spam or Not Spam which improves the ability of the filter to determine which messages are or are not spam.
  • A custom whitelist is available. Mail sent from addresses or domains in this list will bypass most spam filtering rules.
  • A custom blacklist is available. Mail sent from email addresses or domains in this list will never be delivered to you. Warning: Email users are fully responsible for all mail lost due to custom blacklisting.
  • If you do not want to use the quarantine, it can be disabled through the web interface. It is also possible to disable spam filtering for your account.

The spam quarantine is accessible through Unet. Before logging in, you must select whether you are a student or employee.