Student Email Information

North Central University provides e-mail to all students. The student email system may be used for personal and school related messages. North Central University prohibits use of the student email system for spamming or other student run businesses.

The web interface can be found at Your email address is typically Passwords will be delivered to new student NCU postal mail boxes, and new passwords for returning students may be requested at IT if needed. You can access your email in 3 ways: the web interface, IMAP, and you can send mail using SMTP.

If you want to use an email client to access your email using  IMAP, use as the server name for either method. Please note, we can only support the web interface because of the wide variety email clients. To send mail from your email client, use as the SMTP server and authenticate using credentials from your email address and your password. Also note, no SMTP will be allowed to be sent from campus except through