Student Positions

The North Central Facilities Management department contributes to the institutional vision by contributing to the personal growth of students through their work experience in our department.  We see the practical aspects of students’ studies walked out in their daily duties as maintenance workers.  As the students learn their duties and begin to take responsibility for their job we see them mature as individuals.  They also learn practical skills that can help them throughout their life.

Students at North Central University play a large role in keeping our campus functioning properly.  There are three main roles that our students fill: Summer Dorm/Apartment Maintenance, Painting, and Snow Removal.  Take some time to read more about the opportunities we have for our students and fill out an application and lifestyle agreement if you are interested in being considered for one of the positions.

Summer Dorm Maintenance:

Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave North Central for summer break?   Students who are part of the Summer Dorm Maintenance Crew don't.  They are busy going through all of the dorm rooms on campus and making sure they are in working order so that when students return in the fall they are not greeted with broken furniture or burnt out lightbulbs from the previous semester.


The Facilities Management epartment is always trying to keep our campus looking its best, and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making our campus look great. Virtually all of the painting on campus is done by students and every summer we hire an extra crew so that our campus is in excellent condition when classes start up in the fall.

Snow Removal:

Welcome to Minnesota!  Every winter we hire a handful of students to help us keep up with mother nature and make sure that people can use our sidewalks.  When it stops snowing our crew gets to work shoveling the stairs and entrances/exits around campus so that everyone can get to their classes without getting stuck in a snowdrift.