Wired Network Troubleshooting

Q: My network jack is broken in my room. Do I submit the request to Plant or IT?

A: Submit the request to IT. You can email techsupport@northcentral.edu.

Q: I think there's a problem with my cable or my jack. How can I tell?

A: Here are some things that you can check to find out what the problem is:

  1. Is the network card and the correct driver for your Operating System installed?
  2. Did you follow the setup instructions to connect your Operating System to the campus network?
  3. Are you sure that you're using an Ethernet cable? (Please note: A phone cord WILL NOT work!)
  4. If you have a roommate or friend whose network connection is working, try borrowing their cable and using it with your computer. If it works with their cable, your cable needs to be replaced.
  5. Try plugging your cable into another jack in your room to see if that one works.
  6. Look at the back of your computer, where the cable attaches to the back of your network adapter. There may be one or two lights on the back of your network card. If there are lights on your network card, and there aren't any lights lit up, then your card probably isn't installed correctly. In general, if at least one light is flashing, your jack is working and your card is receiving information. If all the lights are solid, then your card probably isn't receiving any information and there could be a problem with your jack. However, this isn't always true for all brands of adapters. Some built-in adapters, especially on notebook computers, do not have lights. If you can't figure it out after trying all of the other steps, call the IT department help desk at ext. 4170, and we'll send someone out to check your jack.

Q: There are only 2 ports wired in my room, but I want to connect more than 2 computers to the network. What can I do?

A: Network access in residence rooms is available one port per pillow in Miller, Carlson, Phillips Halls, as well as TJ Jones Residence (third floor and bridge) and Zimmerman House, and two ports per apartment in Orfield Apartments. If there are not enough ports in your room for the number of computers you would like to connect, you may add additional ports by purchasing a small Ethernet hub/switch. This type of gear can be purchased at most stores that sell computers. If you are not sure how to connect it, please call NCU IT at ext. 4170 with any questions.