Wireless Network Information

Wireless Network Policy

Personal wireless network access points are not allowed in dorms or the Orfield Apartments. This is due to legal and security risk reasons. If a personal one is found, internet will be disabled for that room.

Where is the wireless network available?

  • Miller Hall
    • Dorms
    • Classrooms
    • Conference Room
    • Commuter Lounge
  • Carlson Hall
    • Dorms
    • Common Area
  • Phillipps Hall
    • Dorms
    • Clay Commons
    • Classrooms
  • Library (Resource Center)
    • All floors
  • Chicago Hall
    • The Loft
    • CYL Basement
  • Word and Worship Center
    • Sanctuary
    • Chapel
    • Atrium
  • CLC
    • Conference Room
    • Classrooms
  • Kingsriter
    • Classrooms
  • Centennial Hall
    • Classrooms
  • Mensing Hall
    • All Floors

(Note: Wireless is not available in Zimmerman House, Liechty Hall, or Orfield Apartments. Each apartment or dorm room is equipment with one wired network jack per student.)