Work Study Job Information

**While Career Services and the Student Success Center does not manage either of these criteria, our staff attempts to help all students in every way to ensure their success at NCU, including providing some information about Work Study.**

To secure a Work Study job there are three main factors to consider:

  1. Does the student qualify for Work Study assistance?
  2. Have all necessary actions been taken to be able to accept, if offered, a Work Study position?
  3. Is a Work Study position available for which the student is qualified?


Work Study jobs are a part of the Federal Work Study Program. To see if a student qualifies, a FAFSA application must be filed. A student will know that they are eligible for work study by a message that is attached to their NCU Financial Aid Online account (Unet). This message is available once they have received the Initial Award email. For more information contact NCU's Financial Aid office at 612-343-4485.

Necessary Actions:

The following action steps have been established by the Financial Aid Office. Please contact them directly for questions regarding these steps:

  1. Complete the FAFSA
  2. If a student is eligible for work student, a Work Study Application will appear in the student's NCU Financial Aid Online, which is located in Unet.
  3. Complete the Work Study Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office.
  4. View the list of Job Descriptions of potential Work Study Positions. Please note that this is not a list of currently available positions; this is simply a list of jobs by departments so that you can know who to contact about positions.
  5. Contact the supervisors of the departments that have Work Study jobs of interest.
  6. If hired, the Financial Aid Office will send a Revised Award email. A Work Study Contract will be signed on the first day of work.

Finding an Available Work Study Position:

There is no one way for finding a Work Study position. Below are some possible ways to find out what positions are currently available:

  • Ask Around: Email, call, or visit offices that you would like to work for (e.g. visit an office during Registration Day or Welcome Week Move-in)
  • CareerWire: NCU's Job Posting Database, register at:
  • Connect with your Network: Talk with current or past students, staff and faculty, and friends of NCU about work options on and off-campus

Click here for a list of possible Work Study Positions.

Securing a Work Study Position:

*Eligibility for Work Study positions does not guarantee a position as there are a limited number of available positions.

Work-study supervisors review applications and select applicants based on their job qualifications. Some departments may require an additional application and an interview before officially offering the position. 

A Revised Award email will be sent if a student is hired for a position. This email will direct the student to Unet where a new message will state: 1) Position Hired For, 2) Hourly Wage, and 3) Number of Hours Allowed to Work Per Week.


Even though a student qualifies for a Work Study position, the student is not required to only work in this type of position. A student may choose or may be unable to work in a Work Study position. If a student completes a Work Study application and has not been contacted regarding a position by the time the semester begins, they may come to the Financial Aid office (1st Floor, Miller Hall) to check on available positions.

Option 1: Other on-campus jobs (i.e. non-Work Study)

Students who qualify for Work Study are not disqualified from non-Work Study positions on campus. That is, they are eligible for any position on campus that they are qualified to do as determined by the position's hiring manager. To find any on-campus position, follow the same steps listed above in the Finding an Available Work Study Position (e.g. Ask Around).

Option 2: Off-Campus

While Work Study positions are limited by funding, local, hourly wage positions are regularly available. The Twin Cities is the 16th largest market in the U.S. (between #15 Seattle and #17 San Diego), and home to many organizations from ministries and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. During the first week of Fall semester, NCU hosts a job fair for off-campus employers that employ the largest number of NCU students. However, as with any position, from application to starting work can take weeks; consider contacting employers before arriving on campus. For more information about finding a part-time job, visit the Career Services page on how to Find a Part-Time Job.


List of Possible Work Study Positions at NCU:

*Work Study positions are subject to funding, and can vary by semester. Positions listed here are not necessarily currently available. There is not a single list of all currently available Work study positions. Instead students are encouraged to contact offices of interest to inquire about current and future positions.

The entire list is available on the Financial Aid Office website, under the Resources tab, opening the Work Study link.