Student Employment


Welcome to North Central University's student employment page!

At NCU there are two types of employment: work-study and general student employment.  Both have similar responsibilities and pay rates, and in many cases work alongside each other.  This page contains information to help you connect with on-campus job opportunities.


  • Look for departments below which hire work-study students or need general student employees
  • How can I tell if I am eligible for work-study?
    • Once you file a FAFSA and submit all required documents the Financial Aid Office can determine work-study eligibility
    • If you are work-study eligible a document called 'Work-study eligible" is added to your Financial Aid Online (accessed via Unet)

General student employment

  • If you have not filed a FAFSA, or did file, received an official award notification, and do not see the "Work-study eligible" document on Financial Aid Online, you may still be eligible to work on-campus as a general student worker
  • Look for departments below which hire general student employees

How to apply

  • Submit a resume and letter of interest to the supervisor of each department you are interested in
  • Remember, each area has its own hiring needs and availability that may vary over time


Department Hires work-study? Hires general student employees? Currently hiring? Supervisor Supervisor Email
Admissions Yes Yes   Latesha Berrong
Advancement Yes     Andrea Nargan
America Reads Tutor Yes     Jodi Herlick
Athletics/Rec & Wellness Yes Yes   Kenny Flermoen
Bible & Theology Yes Yes      
Bookstore Yes     Kevin Jacobs
Business Administration Yes     Vienna Lewin
Center for Pastoral Ministries Yes     Marlana Wezel
Center For Youth & Leadership Yes Yes   Marlana Wenzel
Communication Arts Yes     Todd Wold
Computer Lab Yes Yes   Kevin Jacobs
Copying and Mail Center Yes Yes   Kristen Higgins
Education Office Yes     Jodi Herlick
English Yes   Not currently hiring Anna Fratzke
Financial Aid Yes   Not currently hiring Hannah Helle
Fine Arts Yes   Not currently hiring Karla Johnson
Food Services Yes Yes   Greg Andrews
Housekeeping Yes Yes   Lauren Milani
Intercultural Studies Yes     Vienna Lewin
Marketing Yes Yes   Dane Mohrmann
Math & General Studies Yes     Leslie Bluto
President's Office Yes     Bridget Knisely
Registrars Yes Yes   Jeremy WIlliamson
Social & Behavioral Sciences Yes   Not currently hiring Anna Fratzke
Student Accounts Yes   Not currently hiring Rachel Wendorf
Student Life Yes     Abigail Davis
Tech Support Center Yes Yes   Kevin Jacobs
T.J. Jones Library Yes   Not currently hiring Justin Evans