Worship Arts Worship Leading Internship Manual


Statement of Purpose

It is the expressed purpose of NORTH CENTRAL UNIVERSITY to train all students in various aspects of ministry in order that they may be equipped to serve our churches and in other capacities of ministry involvement around the world.  Specific to the Worship Leading Program is an awareness of an almost overwhelming need for qualified worship leaders trained in all aspects of worship ministry as well as ministry in general.

Internship Objectives

  • For the student to gain "hands on" experience in Worship Arts ministry with the opportunity to turn theory into practice.
  • For the student to enter in to a "mentoring" relationship with a full-time ministry leader in order to benefit from his/her experience in worship ministry.
  • For the student to gain an understanding of local church/ministry administrative procedures and systems as well as staff relationships.
  • For the student to be of practical assistance to the local church/ministry.
  • For the student to see real growth in the development of personal giftings.
  • For the student to realize a solidification in his/her "call" to worship leadership.
  • For the student to develop a global awareness and appreciation for the local church/ministry, not just their particular area of expertise.

Experience List

The following items are a list of possible experiences that will be of great benefit to the individual's training during his/her term of service.  Different "levels of involvement" are assumed and encouraged, however, it should be noted that the more the intern can actually do (with supervision), the more beneficial the experience will be for them.  The pastor/supervisor can assess the intern's strengths and/or weaknesses and respond accordingly.  Also note that it is the responsibility of the intern to seek involvement in the below listed areas, as well as to respond to the requests of the pastor/supervisor.

Levels of Involvement

  • Observation Only
  • Observation with Limited Participation
  • Full Participation with Supervision
  • Leadership Position with Supervision

Student Involvement

NOTE: This is not intended to represent the only areas in which experience is desired, but it is hopeful that the intern can have involvement in as many as possible (and more).


Attendance, observation in order to gain insight into planning and running an effective meeting

  • Pastoral Staff
  • Full Church Staff
  • Music Committee
  • Church Board
  • Other


Intern should gain understanding of "how you do it", as well as given the opportunity to plan and carry out a specific project

  • Service Planning - Sunday, Mid-week, Youth, etc.
  • Major Event(s)
  • Calendar planning


Observation re: good rehearsal techniques.  At least some leadership opportunities given to the intern

  • Worship bands and singers
  • Small Groups, Duets, Soloists
  • Youth worship
  • Children's worship

Music Arranging

  • Chart writing
  • Miscellaneous Transcription/Transposition


Attendance at all services with leadership opportunities given at the discretion of pastor/supervisor.  i.e. Worship Leadership (could be in a Mid-Week meeting etc.)

  • Personal musical participation - playing, background vocals, etc.
  • Worship Leading
  • Communion
  • Baby Dedication
  • Wedding
  • Funeral

Student Responsibilities

  • Maintain a consistent devotional time of prayer and Bible Study.
  • Maintain good relationships with church leadership and members.
  • Conduct oneself in a Christ-like manner in speech, appearance and personal conduct.
  • Work diligently in full submission to the pastor/supervisor, seeking to serve in areas of need within the ministry.
  • Maintain regular "office hours" under the supervision of the pastor/supervisor.
  • Maintain a daily diary of all activities with special attention given to ministry/music ministry related learning experiences.
  • Exercise absolute discretion in any relationship with the opposite sex.
  • Actively seek to learn from every experience.
  • Complete a comprehensive study and report on one of the recommended books. (See book list)
  • Compile a comprehensive list of recommended resources for music, administrative helps, computer programs, personnel resources, etc. in consultation with pastor/supervisor and others.



  • Make application in Sophomore Year (Spring Semester) or Junior Year (Fall Semester).
  • Contact potential pastor/supervisor in order to secure a ministry location for internship.
  • Make financial plans in order to compensate for potentially low income during the summer of internship.
  • Contract to be signed by student intern, pastor/supervisor, and the internship director indicating a mutual agreement to the requirements of the program.


Internship program will be graded on a pass/fail basis with the following criteria:

  • Completion of all assigned tasks including reports.
  • Evaluation of pastor/supervisor and others in supervisory role.
  • Recommendations of Internship Director.


Student/Intern Responsibilities:

  • Tuition - three credits based on current college fee structure.
  • Travel Costs
  • Spending Money

Sponsoring Ministry Responsibilities

  • Room and Board
  • Weekly stipend for personal expenses ($50.00 - $100.00 per week suggested).
  • At least one special love offering for the student intern (Sponsoring churches are encouraged to consult with the Director of Internship regarding offerings and/or Honorariums.)