FAQs for Current Students - Fall 2011 Program Changes

Do I have to switch to the new program requirements for my major?

                  No, students may elect to stay on their current degree program.


What does it mean if there is not a DA sheet listed for my major?

Developing new degree requirements is a time intensive process and some programs are still under review. If you do not currently see your DA sheet listed, check back periodically for updates.


What do I do if I have taken courses that are no longer required for my major?

As a part of the transition to 124 credit majors, most degrees have been updated to include at least 6 credits of general electives. Courses that have been taken to complete previous General Education or Bible and Theology core requirements can be applied to general education electives.


What if my major does not have enough general electives for me to count previously completed courses towards?

Although unlikely for most majors, some students may find that by switching to the new 124 credit degree requirements, they have completed courses that will not fit into any other degree requirement line. If this is the case, students should discuss possible course variances with your advisor or department chair.


If my new degree program requires a class that was previously offered under a different name, will I need to retake the course under the new name?

No, course requirements that have been recreated under a new name will be satisfied by previously completed courses. For example, BIBL 131 Spiritual Formation will satisfy the new PTHE 131 Personal Formation and the Spiritual Leader.


How soon can I switch to this new program?

124 credit degree programs will not be available until fall 2011. Forms for changing to the new program will be available at Advising Chapel this spring.


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