Zimmerman House

Purchased in 1984, this 5000 square foot building sits on the corner of Chicago avenue and East 15th street. Fondly referred to as Z-House, the Zimmerman House is a small dormitory for female students. Boasting some of the most spacious rooms on campus, rooms are set up for either double or triple occupancy. All rooms have wired or wireless internet access.

Furnishings include:

  • Bed with twin mattress
  • Dresser
  • Desk/chair
  • Closet space for each student
  • Window Blinds

The basement is set up as a lounge for the 24 residents of the house. Zimmerman House is the only residence hall on campus that provides outside of room storage for students. While mostly upperclassmen students live here, there is often room for a limited number of new students as well.