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"Welcome" from the Office of Marketing and Communications at North Central University. Our goal is to offer the high level of quality and customer service one would expect when working with an independent studio without sacrificing the grassroots feel of what we do and how we work with the rest of the NCU Community.

The Office of Marketing and Communications has been charged with developing and maintaining the brand identity of North Central.

This means that we are responsible for:

  • establishing the guidelines for NCU's visual style.
  • ensuring materials and mailings are consistent with the style of NCU.
  • monitoring the use of the North Central University logo.

While our responsibility is primarily to produce pieces aimed at external audiences (Prospective Students, Alumni, Advancement, etc.), we will continue to make our services available for other areas of NCU as we are able...we're here to help!

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  • Creative Project Consulting
  • Creative Project Production
  • Large Media Printing (Banners & Posters)
  • NCU Brand Strategy
  • NCU Magazine
  • Print Communication for External Audiences
  • Website Design & Maintenence
More information about some of these services can be found by clicking here.


We're located on first floor of Miller Hall, room 141.
8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
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(612) 343-4155


High, Amy

  • Marketing Project Coordinator
(612) 343-4747

Schwalbe, Sara

  • Visual Design Coordinator
(612) 343-5004

Zugschwert, Nancy

  • Director of Communications
(612) 343-5001

Fischer, Andy

  • Print Media Coordinator
(612) 343-5003

Flores, Julian

  • Social Media and Internal Communications Coordinator
(612) 343-5006

Peterson, Faith

  • Facility Events Coordinator
(612) 343-5007

Wible, Scott

  • Associate Director of Content Strategy
(612) 343-5002


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