Student Government

General Information

The North Central Student Government (NCSG) encompasses all on-campus Student Leadership and official Student Organizations at NCU.  The Association consists of 4 governing bodies:

  1. President's Cabinet:  Members: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Project Management, Vice President of Financial Administration, Vice President of Marketing & Communication.   Purpose: Serves as the administrative organization of NCSA. Oversees and assists the Board of Directors and Student Organizations, and represents the Student Body to the administration, alumni, potential and future students, and the community-at-large.
  2. NCSG Board of Directors: Members: Student Organization Directors, Assistant Resident Directors (ARDs), Discipleship Administrators (DAs).  Purpose: Serves as a legislative organization of NCSG. Works to unite and network its members and represents the perspectives of all NCSA student leaders.
  3. Administrative Council:
  4. North Central Student Senate: Members: Two senators from each living area.  Purpose:  Represents the concerns and initiatives of the NCU Student Body to the Staff, Faculty, and Administration.

NCSG Student Leadership Positions: Various leadership positions are available to NCU students who have completed Foundations of Leadership (GS 180) and completed or are enrolled in Leadership Development I (GS 280). During their first year, students have the opportunity to get involved in organizations as a participant and are encouraged to prayerfully consider pursuing a leadership role on campus for their second year.

NCSG Positions:

ELECTED: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, and Student Senators

APPOINTED: Vice President of Project Management; Vice President of Financial Administration; Vice President of Marketing & Communication

HIRED: Organization Directors, Organization Members, Assistant Resident Directors, Discipleship Administrators, Resident Advisors & Discipleship Leaders


  • Student Organizations
  • Student Body Representation
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The NCSG Office is located near the skyway in Carlson Hall.
Hours vary by semester. Please check the office door for information.
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(612) 343-4477


Brose, Caleb

  • Student Body President
(612) 343-4477

Larson, Tiffany

  • Student Body Executive Vice President
(612) 343-4477



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The NCSA Constitution is the governing document of the North Central Student Association. It details governing organizations, procedures, membership and requirements of leaders.


If you have a suggestion or question for the NCSA Senate, or would like to request a meeting with a Senator, please let us know by completing the following form.

Student Organizations

SMB - Unparalleled

Unparalleled exists to glorify God and make His name known throughout the world through the artistic expression and movement of dance.

Society for Bible and Theology

To provide a community in which students engage in critical thinking and dialogue concerning subjects including, but not limited to, biblical studies and theology. We desire to help North Central launch students into successful academic careers by building a strong community that serves as a support structure of lasting friendship and collegiality for undergraduates and students pursuing graduate and post-graduate studies. We desire to serve the questions, needs, and talents of thinking students who are studying to serve academically in the kingdom of God.

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC's purpose is to create OUTRAGEOUS events with a student focus to build the North Central FAMILY!!

Student Ministries Board (SMB)

The Student Ministries Board (SMB) exists to empower student-led ministries to cultivate their God-given passions in order to serve the community, both near and far.

Students In Free Enterprise

To bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

The Northerner

To provide a quality, informative news outlet for the North Central community that meets the university's unique standard of excellence. To take on an active role in the participation of the North Central community. To practice leadership in journalism with a Christian ethic.

Youth Committee

To prepare, serve and connect emerging and existing leaders who make a difference in the lives of youth.